Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Stitch Fix ROCKS!

Hello!   I received my latest Stitch Fix  yesterday and I am so excited to share it with you because it was MY BEST FIX EVER!  

As most of you already know I do Stitch Fix about three or four times a year to keep me from getting in a style rut.  I've been getting fixes for over a year now, and I only had to send one item back out of all the items I received (because it didn't fit).  I've always been very pleased with Stitch Fix, but this fix was my favorite.

As usual, they ship your fix in this pretty little box with a personal note from your stylist:

I'm always so excited to see the box sitting on my porch when I get home from work.  It's like a present just for me and I can't wait to see what's inside.

And when I opened the box, these were my goodies:  a pair of red jeans!  Now, I almost sent these jeans back because I already own a pair of red pants that you can see HERE.  However, those pants are a knit material,  have a completely different cut, and I think they are more suitable for warmer months, whereas these red pants are a heavy jean material and fit more like jeggings and would be more suitable for winter (especially with boots).  Plus,  as I learned in a previous FIX,  you get 25% off your total order if you keep everything, and most of the time if you send only one item back, you lose money:  so this time I kept the pants!

I will show you all my new clothes more suitably styled in future Fashion Over Fifty posts, but for today's post I decided to just do selfies with no make up on or much styling, just so I can focus on the fix itself.  

In the first selfie, I just threw on a shirt Stitch Fix gave me in my last fix:  it went perfectly with this month's fix.

I took this picture with my pants tucked in a bit so that you could see the waist band.  There are no snaps, buckles, or zippers with these pants!

As always, Stitch Fix sends a style card with every item showing you various ways to wear the piece of clothing.  
The jeans are very tight and form fitting, so I would probably always wear a longer top or sweater with them.  I could definitely see a long comfy white, beige, or tan sweater and a pair of high boots with these pants in the winter….couldn't you?
Speaking of white sweaters, this was the second item in my fix:  a sheer, white knit sweater.  I loved the texture, the band at the bottom, and the light weight material.  It's perfect for chilly summer or spring nights, or those in-between season months when it's too hot for a real sweater, but too chilly for a t shirt.  It is very sheer, so I would have to wear a tank underneath.
I love how they have this top paired with a maxi skirt.  I own one maxi dress, but I don't own any maxi skirts.  I think I will have to get one now after seeing this style card!

I think this coat was my favorite item in this fix.  I already own a green jacket/blazer that you can see HERE,  but that one is really small and has a completely different cut, whereas this one is over sized so I can wear it over a lot of things and wear it more like a real jacket and not just as a blazer.  The material is so soft to touch, and there is a hood for rainy days.

I love how they styled the jacket on the style card.  They show it worn both casually and with a dress.  I've seen lots of pictures on Pinterest where they wear army jackets like this with a pretty dress or skirt:  I just love the contrast.

My next piece is a casual white and blue striped T shirt.  I can't tell you how long I've wanted a shirt like this.  I own a blue long sleeve shirt with white stripes that is made of a very clingy knit material and really shows every bump and bulge, so I hardly ever wear that one.  And I have a white and blue striped knit hoodie, but I did not have a classic T like this till now.  Score!  I love the looser fit of this T and the little detail in the collar.

These white and navy striped shirts have been everywhere the past few fashion seasons, and they go with just about everything.  You can wear them with jeans for a casual look, white pants for a nautical look, or pair it with a pretty pencil floral skirt!  In the style card below, they have the shirt paired casually with jeans, and dressed it up a bit with accessories.
And the final item in my fix is this gold bracelet.  It is many different rings of gold adhered together at one point.  LOVE!

Yes, Stitch Fix ROCKED this fix.  One thing I did different was that I added a Pinterest board link to my Stitch Fix profile so that my stylist could see my taste.  I have a lot of pictures of red pants and green cargo jackets on my board, so I could tell she was looking!  The only drawback to using a Pinterest board, was that I usually PIN items already have, but I can't figure out how to style, and I think my stylist thought I didn't have those items, but  I wanted them.  In the end, it didn't matter though, because the cuts and styles of the two similar items I already own, are very different than the ones I received, and I think I like Stitch Fix's versions better:  especially the jacket.

 I was so happy with this fix, that I am considering NEVER shopping on my own anymore and just letting Stitch Fix do it for me.  I love to shop, but I always feel I just end up with a lot of items that I have nothing to wear with or I don't know how to wear, so they end up just hanging in my closet with the price tags still on them.  Such a waste.  Plus, in the area where I live, it's really hard to find stylish clothes.  I've wanted an anorak jacket like the one Stitch Fix sent me forever, but I couldn't find one so I bought a similar green jacket, but it wasn't quite what I was looking for.  I think if I do decide not to shop anymore, it will be hard.  Were trained to buy what the eye sees, or go shopping as a social activity.  It will be a hard habit to break, but in the end, I think I'll save money and I won't have so much waste.  I don't know, what do you think?

Oh, by the way, did you notice everything in my fix went together?  That's never happened before.

Have a great day!  Amy

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