Friday, June 27, 2014

Fashion Over Fifty: Neons

 Hello.  For this week's Fashion Over Fifty post I have a bright outfit to show you.  Do you like to wear neon's or bright colors, or are they too loud for your taste?  I always fear wearing bright colors because they scream 'look at me' and someone inevitably says 'Wow! That's bright! No one could miss you in a crowd.'   But because I like color, I just face my fears, and wear them anyway.  I always balance my brights with a neutral color to try and tame the outfit down a bit;  but I love it when other braver,  fashionistas where bright colors from head to toe too!

My tunic is from Old Navy and is a sheer, lightweight gauze.  When I bought it in the store, I thought it was red because I've been looking for a red shirt to go with some olive green cargo pants I recently purchased.  However, when I got it home, I realized it was more of a coral color and the bagginess of the shirt wouldn't go with my baggy pants.  Two baggy items worn together always makes one look frumpy, so I paired the shirt with some white skinny jeans instead.  And I guess my quest for the perfect red shirt to go with my cargo pants will continue!

Because the shirt is so sheer, you really must wear a tank top underneath.  I really love this shirt for summer because the older I get, the more I want to cover up, yet, I still want to stay cool in hot weather.  This type of shirt is just perfect for that:  it covers me, yet is still cool and comfortable.

 I wore a multi strand seed bead necklace that had two of the colors in my ensemble and also a lovely teal contrast color.
 I bought these bright yellow sandals at the end of the last year on clearance and finally got around to wearing them.  I have another pair in green I haven't worn yet also.  That's the problem with buying things on clearance:  you tend to buy things that you don't really need just because they are a great deal.  I usually try to avoid that trap, but I guess it got me this time.  I did think the yellow went perfectly with the coral and I liked the idea of bringing another color into the ensemble that coordinated, but wasn't so matchy-matchy.  I can't even begin to tell you how much effort it took to put these sandals on:  it was almost comical.  They have a tiny little buckle strap in the back and my inflexible body could not, no matter how much I tried, get the silver prong inside the itty bitty hole.  So then I asked my husband to do it for me, and even he struggled with it!  I guess I won't ever be able to wear these sandals if no one else is home to buckle them for me!  LOL!
 I carried a cobalt blue cross body bag and wore a white seed bead bracelet.
 And here is what I wore under my top:  a pretty, pale yellow lace camisole.
And here are some other bright colored outfits from Pinterest for your inspiration.  Which one is your favorite?

Have a great day!  Amy

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  1. Love this look, the bright top really sets off the rest of the outfit. Loved your sandals too bad they are so hard to buckle, loved their colour too!


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