Monday, August 20, 2012

Tumbling Rocks Trail

Hello!  Today I have my second post about our visit to Devil's Lake State Park.  You can scroll down a bit to see my first post if your interested and missed it.  In my first post I discussed my very first tent camping experience and hike UP the West Bluff.  Today's post is about our hike DOWN. Once we made it back down the bluff, we had to walk all the way back to the beach where we left our car.  We thought our walk back would be kinda boring, but to our surprise we 'discovered' a trail we didn't even know about.  It's called the 'Tumbling Rocks Trail' and is described in the Visitor's Guide as a 'easy trail, level and paved, winding through the quartzite boulders at the base of the West Bluff just about the lake'.  We really enjoyed this trail.  The view of the lake was spectacular, the walk was pleasant, and the rock formations were AMAZING to say the least.  The 'boys' especially enjoyed bouncing around on the rocks as you can see in the picture below.  That's my 48 year old husband below...such a kid at heart.  I stayed safely on the 'paved trail' myself.

 There were lots of canoes and kayaks on the beautiful, crystal clear lake.  You can rent boats on the beach, but we didn't have time for that plus swimming.
 This is my son on one of the paved trails.
 The 'boys' perched on top one of the large boulders.  Sorry, I always turn my pics right side up, but when I post them they revert back again.  I don't know why they always do that. URG! So frustrating.
 This is the trail.  It's hard to see my family in the photograph, but there are three people walking the 'trail' in between the rocks right in the center of the picture.  The trail is cut out and paved so that there are rocks above and below you.  It's such a neat experience to walk this trail!
 We loved this rock, it's so pretty, and it loos like the tree grew up and around it.
 And finally I saw this old log and thought it looked just like an alligator.  Can you see the eye and mouth?
I'll have one more post to share about our visit to Parfrey's Glen coming soon!

Have a great day! Amy


  1. Whoa! I see why they call it "Tumbling Rocks!" It does look like an alligator. LOL....beautiful pictures, Amy!

  2. Awesome photos Amy. Love the "alligator". You have inspired my to go on my first camping trip up there too, hopefully I won't change my mind by next summer break. Can't wait to see photos of parfrey's glen, saw a photo online before but we didn't end up going there when we went to devil's lake in June.

    The photo of you husband down by the lake on the rocks reminds me of my husband, he always does that too and it scares me all the time, especially when the kids try to follow him.

  3. Awesome photos Amy! Beautiful display of nature too. We just got back from a week at the Oregon coast. It was a bit cloudy there (as always) but will try to share some pics soon.

  4. Look like quite a trek to me, but quite beautiful!

  5. So beautiful shots Amy ! Thanks for sharing with us this super moment !


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