Monday, June 29, 2009


Well today's post is very different from the creations I usually post, so if your looking for a card, you will have to wait for tomorrow. My blog is about anything of creative interest to me, and right now a lot of my creative interest is sewing. One of the latest fads going on is Handmade Purses. People come in by the droves at work to buy fabric to make purses, and the ones that don't want to or can't make them themselves, buy from those who can. I made five purses to sell at my local consignment store. I chose the fabrics that everyone else seems to be buying. Obviously hot, bright floral patterns are in!

The first close up is my favorite. I love the orange and lime green and and pattern is so fun. It has a ribbon bow on the top.

This lime green one is the largest purse of them all and has a magnetic snap inside.

All the purses except this one are made with sturdy home dec fabric. This purse is just made with a quilter's cotton, but it has a lining and heavy interfacing.

I made one purse that wasn't so bright in case someone wasn't into the new colorful patterns. This one closes with a zipper.

And finally another one of my favorites. I just love this fabric and purse style.
All the purses were made using different patterns. Most of them were 'Sew Easy' patterns, but in all honesty, I didn't think they were that easy to make. I am still working on three more: one has a wooden handle and fabric flowers on it, one is denim, and the last one is a backpack. But it will probably be another month before I finish those and can post them. I also want to make one for me to carry around as free advertising. I just mentioned to a friend of mine the other day that I was making them, and she immediately wanted to buy one without even seeing them. Hopefully they'll sell at the store!
Have a good day! Amy


  1. Oh WOW, beautiful!! The colors are all so great...I think my fav though is that one with the two shades of blue.

  2. These are beautiful and wonderful colors!!

  3. You are one busy lady ! These are great ! I've noticed that these bags are a big buzz right now especially the totes for carrying your groceries. Good for you !

  4. Holy Moly ... these are AWESOME!! Again I say ... where do you find the time??? Home, work, tons of flowers, card making, and now sewing purses!! WOW!!

  5. Amy - these are beautiful!! You are one talented lady - thank you for sharing your gifts with us : )

  6. Wow! These are gorgeous Amy! You're one talented lady!

  7. All the materials. Pretty sure you will sell them, fabulous.
    Emma x

  8. Wow, aren't you just one talented sew too??!!

    These are fabulous!

  9. Oh my gosh, Amy -- these are fantastic! You are too talented! :)

  10. I really like all of them but I think my fave is the last one because of the color and pattern. Remember in the 70s when it was popular to make the purses where you kept the same handles but had interchangeable bag parts? Not sure if I described that right, but you probably know what I'm talking about. Well I must have had a dozen or more of those. And I made a lot of other bags and purses too.

    How fun that you are able to sell these and that you are getting advanced orders.


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