Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Blessing Tree

Every New Years Day we throw a huge Holiday Party inviting all of our closest friends and neighbors. The main reason we have done this is because we don't have any family that we celebrate the holidays with anymore, so our friends have become 'Our Family' and we enjoy celebrating the Holidays with them. In addition to good food, fellowship, watching the football games, and opening up gag gifts; this year we decided to have a 'Blessing Tree'. I read a story in 'Our Daily Bread Devotional' of a young couple who lost their business and their home. At Christmas-time they decided that instead of focusing on all that they have lost in the past year, they would focus on how they were blessed. So they covered a tiny little tree with one string of lights, and hand wrote blessings they have received from God and tied them to the tree. When their guests walked into their home, the couple, instead of being sad and depressed for all they have lost, beamed with pride and said 'Welcome to our Blessing Tree'.

That story touched my heart so much, I decided I wanted to do it at my own Holiday Party. So I got an end-of-season live little tree from Walmart for $5.00 and set it up in my entryway, where it would be the first thing my guests see when they arrived. I covered it with white lights and red ribbon and then I made a little sign using my cardstock, cuttlebug alphabet dies, and the retired Stampin Up! set 'Holiday Trim'. I punched out red hearts using red cardstock and attached them to the stamped tree. I then cut out about 40 hearts, (boy, was my hand hurting!), punched a hole in the top and tied on a ribbon. When each guest arrived at the party, they were asked to write their blessing on a heart and hang it on the tree.
After everyone had eaten and talked for awhile, we all gathered in the family room. I then started to share the story of the Blessing Tree and we all went around the room and shared our testimonies of how God blessed us in the year 2008. Even the little ones, as young as 4 participated, and I was amazed at how quiet they were and how they really listened to every one's stories. Some tears were shed, along with some laughter, and one common thing seemed to tie every one's blessings together. We discovered, that during these difficult economic and uncertain times, and even through some painful experiences we might have went through this past year, that we were all so THANKFUL for what we have.
Having a Blessing Tree at my party ended up being a wonderful blessing for all of us. Every one's hearts were touched, and many people said they wanted to do it again next year. So it has now become a new Holiday Tradition for the Johnson Family.
God Bless you all! Amy


  1. Oh Amy ... this is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing this experience ... GREAT idea!!!

  2. that is sooooo wondeful, very heartwarming, thank you for sharing :0)


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