Monday, October 28, 2019

Stitch Fix #33 Review

This is a pre-scheduled post.  I am in Illinois helping my daughter with my grandchildren.  They do not have Internet service so I will be unable to respond to comments or visit your blogs until I return.

I feel like I just reviewed a box from Stitch Fix, but this one included two accessory items which I wore in almost every outfit post, so it is wrapping up a little sooner than these posts usually do.

This was an interesting box and an even more interesting Instagram Poll, as my pollsters weren't fond of much of anything in this box.  Why, I have no idea, as I thought there were some pretty cute things.  Sometimes I really listen to my pollsters (especially if I'm on the fence about some things)  and sometimes, I don't.  This was one of the times I didn't listen, and I kept three of the five items that was sent to me.

In this box I received two tops, one dress, one bag, and a pair of earrings.

Urban Expressions "Maison Whipstitch Trim Crossbody" Bag

Status:  KEPT!

I loved this bag and I was so excited to get this bag in my Fix.  A good, neutral cross body bag is essential for me when traveling.  For years I have been using the same neutral cross body bag that was getting pretty dated and worn.  I was happy to get a trendy, new one.  I loved the whip stitch trim.

Instagram pollsters were not thrilled with the bag.  It polled at #2 with only 56% of readers saying to "Keep" and 44% saying to "Return".

Fortune and Ivy "Elisha Cowl Neck Hacci Knit Dress"

Status:  RETURNED!

I know,  I know,  you're all shocked I returned this dress.  But trust me, I have a good reason.  I  was so excited to receive a sweater dress in my box.  I have wanted a sweater dress for years but I have never been able to find one that fit me well and did not cling to every lump and bulge.  This one fit beautifully BUT it was a very thin knit:  you could literally see right through it.  In Wisconsin, our winters are very bitter cold.  I knew a dress this thin would not be practical in my climate.  So reluctantly,  I sent it back but I asked my stylist to send thicker sweater dresses in the future.

This was the only item Instagram Pollsters seemed to really like.  It came in first place with 71% of readers saying to "Keep" and 29% saying to "Return".

Papermoon "Larie Crew Neck Blouse"

Status:  RETURNED!

I know you're also probably shocked I sent this shirt back as there were so many things I liked about it.  When I saw it in the box, I thought for sure it would be a keeper.  But the second I held it up it looked too short.  Well, it turns out it was too short because they sent me a Medium Petite.  I'm 5'7 with a long torso (yes Stitch Fix has my measurements.  I have no idea why they sent me a petite and I did complain about it).  I loved the shade of green and the rust colored flowers and bell sleeves, but it just didn't seem to fit me right so I sent it back.

Instagram readers were not fond of this shirt at all.  It came in dead last with only 29% saying to "Keep" and 71% saying to "Return".  Perhaps they could tell it didn't fit me right too!

Daniel Rainn "Darrel Crochet Yoke Knit Top"

Status "Kept!"

This top really surprised me.  I thought for sure I was going to return it when I pulled it out of the box.  But once I tried it on I was sold!  That's one of my favorite things about Stitch Fix.  I would have passed on this top in the store, but Stitch Fix forces you to try things on!

I really love this top because it is SO COMFORTABLE!  It's a very soft, thin knit.  It feels like a dream to wear.  I also think it is so flattering on my body.

Instagram readers were divided on this top.  It tied for fourth place with 50% saying to "Keep" and 50% saying to "Return".

Bancroft "Julianna Drop Earrings"

Status:  KEPT!

I really liked these earrings.  They are different from anything I already own.  I love the mix of silver and gold and the hammered finish.

Again,  Instagram Pollsters were divided.  It tied for fourth place with the blue top,  with 50% saying to "Keep" and 50% saying to "Return".

Overall, this wasn't one of my best Fixes as I only kept one clothing item,  but I loved that one item and the two accessories.  I was not pleased that I have been such a long and faithful customer and I was sent the wrong size in an item.  I would think that by now they would know what size I am!  Those kind of mistakes shouldn't happen.

In summary,  I received five items in this Fix:  two tops, a dress, a handbag, and a pair of earrings.  I kept three of the five items:  the blue top, the handbag, and the earrings.

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. I love your honest reviews of Stitch Fix and the items you receive. It's such a bummer that the sizing was wrong in that top as I think it would be beautiful on you in the correct fit!

    1. Thank you. Yes, I was surprised by that. It's never happened before.

  2. Just saw a buttery caramel colored chenille cardi like this one at the store yesterday. It was so soft. I really wanted it but I am trying hard to be good! I liked the mixed metal earrings. Versatile. Of course, the blue top is perfection on you. Hope you enjoyed those bambinos.

    1. Awww, it's so hard to be good and resist the temptation to buy something new. I have so many sweaters and cardigans I really don't need any more, but then I see a new style and I want it. And yes, I loved being with the grandbabies again.

  3. I do love the dress on you so much, but I can see how it doesn't work in your climate, no need to keep something if it's not practical to wear! Love the blue top and the earrings. A really pretty bag too. I think you made the right decision!

    1. I loved the dress too, but it really was very thin. I'm on the lookout for a thicker one though and I asked my stylist to send a thicker one as well.

  4. Love these posts, always fun to see what you keep and return.

  5. Oh I lvoe the mix of metals in your earrings! gold and silver will go wth anything! I love what you chose- the cobalt top is lovely and I really love taupe as a neutral.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  6. I think you did a great job with the pieces you kept even if they didn't match up with the suggestions on Instagram! It's a shame the dress was too thin, it looks cute and cosy! photos don't tell the whole story though!

    Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Thank you! Yes, I definitely would have kept that dress if it was a bit thicker.


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