Friday, January 11, 2019

Stitch Fix #23 Reveal

Today I have my December Stitch Fix box to show you.  Life was so crazy during December that I wasn't able to get my husband to photograph me nor was able to post my Stitch Fix box during the month.  But I did take some "selfies" so I could show you what I received and what I sent back.

This was a really good box.  I liked everything in this box and I had a hard time deciding what to keep and what to send back.  I would have kept everything in this box, but there were a couple of items that didn't fit quite right.  Because I was so indecisive about what to keep, I created a Instagram Poll in my Instastories to help me decide.  The gals there were very helpful and I ended up keeping the top two items in that poll.

Olive & Oak Maria Cowl Neck with Side Detail

Status:  Returned

This was a super cute sweater.  I loved the cowl neck and the side detail.  What I didn't love?  The color and the way it looked on me.  I already own a plain long grey sweater.  I have so much black and grey already in my closet.  I keep telling my stylist I want more color, but for some reason she keeps sending me neutrals.

This sweater was not a hit on Instagram.  It polled at 50/50, so I still had a decision to make and I decided since I already had a similar sweater and I didn't want any more dark colors in my closet, that I would send it back.  I really did love the cowl neck of this sweater.

Lysse - Suzee Printed Legging
Status:  Kept!

These leggings were the most popular item in my Instagram Poll coming in at 89% "Keep" and 11% "Send Back".  I must admit, when I saw these leggings in my box and the expensive price tag,  I fully intended to send them back.  Then,  I tried them on and I was in love.  They looked and felt great, and patterned leggings are one thing I do not already own.

The leggings are a high quality spandex that is so flattering because they pull everything in, so no lumps or bulges anywhere!  The rise is also very high  so my tummy is kept tucked in too!  To make sure I wasn't getting ripped off, I googled this brand and found that the $78.00 price tag was what these leggings cost.  But the cost is so worth it because of the great quality and I know I will get a lot of use out of them.

Laundry by Shelli Segal - Adelaide Lace Bell Sleeve Top

Status - Returned!

This top I thought for sure I was going to keep when I saw it in the box.  I loved the color, the lace, and the sleeves.  But, it didn't fit!  The top was too short for my long torso and the sleeves (see where the band is on the upper arm?) was really tight.  It did not poll well either, coming in at 67% "No" and only 33% "Yes".

The back of the top also had a very wide keyhole opening, which frankly was a little too large for my taste.

Tart - Arnette Lace Up Metallic Detail Hooded Knit Top

Status:  Returned!

 This was a top I thought for sure I would keep when I saw it in the box.  I loved the blush color, the lace up detail, and the hood.  The material was so soft and cozy too.  But, it didn't fit well.  It's very clingy, showing all my lumps and bulges in my midsection plus my buttons on my pants.  If it was a little looser, I would have kept it.

 The top also didn't poll well on Instagram.  67% of my readers said "No", and only 33% said to "Keep It".

Because of the clingy material, I didn't think requesting a different size would make a difference.

Faith & Zoe - Raquel Eyelash Shawl Cardigan

Status:  Kept!

This cardigan was the second most popular item on Instagram polling at 88% "Keep" and only 12% "Send Back".  I actually almost sent it back because I just bought a very similar pure white cardigan days before receiving my box.  I decided to keep it because this one had brown stripes and a shawl, which made it a little different.

 I must say, these new "Eyelash Knits" are my favorite cozy knits.  Like Chenille, it is so, so soft!  I now own three of this type of knit sweater because I love the feel of them so much.  I can't wait to show you the other two that I purchased!

So what do you think?  Did I keep the right items?  Do you agree with the pollsters on Instagram?  I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. All cute pieces! My favorites from these are the gray sweater and love the print on the leggings. But sadly would have sent those back because I don't ever wear leggings. Such a fun print though! The cardigan looks so soft and cozy!

    1. Oh I loved the grey sweater too, I just really didn’t need it. I’m so surprised you never wear leggings. Every time I’m out, all I see is women in leggings. It seems no one even wears jeans anymore!

  2. I love how you poll on IG...that can be so helpful. And I'm like you...I tend to love a bargain, so it's hard to spend full price on things. But those leggings are fabulous!!

    1. Thanks Jodie! I love to do the Instagram polls. I find them so interesting!

  3. These are all so cute and cozy on you dear!

    Jessica |

  4. The leggings are fabulous and so is the cardigan! Great pieces!

  5. i'm glad you decided to keep the printed leggings because they are so super cute!



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