Friday, February 19, 2016

Wearing Cut-Out Shirts When Your Over Fifty

Hey guess what?  I do not have a winter outfit to show you today because I am currently in the sunshine state experiencing 70+ temperatures!  I am in Florida visiting my children for a couple of weeks, and the weather is absolutely gorgeous!   It feels so good to feel the sun on my body again!  

I did not want to close my blog down for two weeks, but in order to keep my fashion posts going I have to show what I am currently wearing:  which is spring or summer clothes!  So if this post isn't useful to you now, save it or pin it, because it may be useful to you in the near future.   Spring is just around the corner right?  

This week's post is photo heavy because we took the pictures at the most magical, gorgeous park called Kraft Azalea Park.   You will be able to read more about this amazing place in an upcoming travel post.

My outfit today consists of my own skinny jeans (old, Express) and shoes (old, Payless Shoes).  The shirt, jewelry, and vintage bag are all borrowed from my daughter.

I absolutely love the botanical print on this even has birds on it!  I love birds!  The blouse has a low scoop neckline, so I wore a black tank underneath.  It has cut out sleeves in the shoulder, exposing the upper part of the arm.

I bought my shoes at Payless last year.  They have a peek-a-boo toe, and a wedge, straw heel.

The vintage bag was thrifted.  I added a red bead bracelet to pick up the red colors from the shirt.

Isn't this stone turquoise necklace gorgeous?  It belonged to Ashley's mother-in-law;  she wore it when she was a girl and gave it to Ashley.

 Shirts and sweaters with cut outs are very popular right now.  They bring an element of sexuality to an outfit without being over-exposed.  I personally feel they are great items for women over fifty to wear,  because it shows a sliver of skin, without revealing more than we're comfortable with.  Other people may disagree and find them inappropriate...but hey, to each his own.

I think the best way to wear a cut-out shirt when your over fifty, is to keep the rest of your outfit fairly modest.  I wouldn't wear this top with a mini skirt for example.  Because so much of my arm is exposed, I kept my legs covered.  Also, because the top is fuller, I balanced the bottom half by wearing something slim fitting like skinny jeans. 

Because the opening of the shirt is on the outside of my arms, the inner part of my arm  (where all that jiggly, sagging stuff likes to hang out) is still covered.

I absolutely love the full coverage of this top, and yet, it is still sexy because of the cut-outs.

If you want to see pictures of me in another, different cut-out shirt, check out this post HERE. 

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Hey Amy I just found your fashion blog and I'd love to follow. Do you send a daily email post?

  2. Such a cute top!!

  3. Beautiful outfit, florals reminds me of spring and I can't wait for it to come. Thanks for stopping by my blog and Linking up!

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  4. Thank you! Yes, you can subscribe to my blog by email. There is a box in my right sidebar where you can submit your email address.

  5. Enjoy the warm weather!

    The cut-out shirt is perfect! I love to show a little skin but still be covered. Gorgeous necklace, too!

    Looking forward to seeing more of Kraft Azalea Park!

  6. I think you are right about only showing one part if you want to show some skin....too much is not cool, especially as you become wiser. The way you did is just perfect, keeping everything else modest and focusing on the shoulders.


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