Friday, September 7, 2012

Decorating your Home for Fall

Hello!  No paper crafting post for me today.  I wanted to show you some pictures of my home decorated for Fall.  As the weather cools and the colors change outside,   I love to bring the change of seasons inside my house too.  I decorate for all the holidays, and I really go all out for Christmas, but with Fall I decorate on a much smaller scale.  For example, it takes me an entire month to decorate my house for Christmas, but less than a day to decorate it for Fall.

Fall is a really easy season for me to showcase in my home, because the colors of my home already are very Fall-like.  My decorating is very simple.  I don't remove items, I usually just put fall garlands and accessories around them.  One of the exceptions to this was made this year when I found this gorgeous Framed Fall Picture at JoAnn's Fabrics and Crafts.  The picture below shows the top of my entertainment center in the living room.  I normally have a simple silver candle set there, but I took it down for Fall and replaced it with the Fall Frames.  I added garland, picks, and another Fall wheat arrangement.  All the florals you see in all the pictures were purchased at JoAnn's.
 Here is an end table in the same room.  This time I only removed a vintage ash tray (no, I don't smoke, I just like the tray) and replaced it with a Fall candle, a candle wreath, and a vintage fall hankie.
 This is the top of my piano which sits in my dining room.  Don't you just love that ceramic owl?  Owls are so popular now.  I just about squealed with delight when I saw him at JoAnn's.
 I chose to use non-traditional colored sunflowers for another end table in my living room because the green and off-white went so well with the colors of the room.  All these items on this table stayed.  I never change these items, just the flowers I put into the vase are changed for the seasons.
 Here is my dining room.  It's always such a hard room to photograph because it's on the North side of the house and is always dark. In addition to the fall arrangement on the piano, there is a floral pumpkin arrangement on the cabinet against the wall, and another fall candle with a fall wreath around it on the table.
 My husband built me this plate rail for my kitchen many years ago.  I change the dishes with the seasons too!  I picked up these vintage wheat plates at a yard sale many years ago.  I got a complete set for only $10.00!  Can you believe it?
 Here is a small powder room which is next to my kitchen.  I don't do much in here other than change the flowers in the vase and put out fall themed towels.
 This is a bookshelf in my office covered in Fall Garland.
 A Fall Swag which hangs on the door of my entry way.
 This is a table in my entry way.It's the first thing guests see when they walk in the door.  I have pumpkins sitting on the floor next to the table, and a floral arrangement, a ceramic pumpkin, and a 'welcome' stone on the table itself.  Sorry for the bad photo.  I used my inexpensive camera instead of really good one, so the pictures didn't turn out very good.  I was too lazy to rephotograph everything when I discovered my error.
 This is another table in the entryway.  It's actually an old phonograph.
And the last few pictures are of my Family Room.  The first picture shows just a simple fall arrangement.

Here is my entertainment center.  I simply put some sunflower garland on the shelf above the T.V and another Fall Candle Floral Arrangement similar to the one on the table in the dining room is placed on the coffee table.

 Here's a close-up of the entertainment center garland.
I hope I've inspired you with some ideas on how to decorate your home for Fall.

Have a great day! Amy


  1. Beautiful decorations, Amy. I'll be doing the same thing but thinning out all the summer accumulations first. Where does this stuff come from? Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. All of your decorations are gorgeous!!!! Fall colors are so beautiful!
    I can't imagine what you do for Christmas!!!

  3. Great decorations and a nice home! Thanks for sharing. I know we shouldn't covet, but I love your wheat plates. Very cool.

  4. Oh wow Amy!! Such GORGEOUS Fall decorations around your home!! This is my fave time of year and this really inspires me!! Thank you! HUGS

  5. Beautiful fall decorating Amy, quite impressive and you have a wonderful home!

  6. These are so beautiful! You are surely getting me into the fall spirit with your gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing!!


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