Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jordan's High School Scrap Book 'The Senior Photos'

Hello! Today I have a very simple yet effective scrapbook page that my daughter Ashley did for my son's High School Scrap Book. This page shows how you can showcase some of those professional senior photos.

To make this page, Ashley simply matted 3 Senior photos and placed them on a piece of solid card stock which is over a piece of decorative paper. the name and year are stamps. She made some decorative corner pieces and added metal brads for embellishments.
For those of you who are concerned, Jordan FINALLY seems to be adjusting well to college. I can't believe how much he has changed in just two weeks. He is so much more talkative, is growing spiritually, and learning how to stand on his own. Not easy for the baby in the family. He's doing well in all his classes, in fact his music teacher wanted to create a special Music Theory program for him because she was afraid he would get 'bored'. Jordan excels in Music Theory, he tested out of 'Introduction to Music Theory' because he got a perfect score on his music theory college entrance exam. He probably should have skipped the class he is in now too, its basically just 'review' for him, but the administrator said 'they've never had a student as advanced in music theory as him before', so they probably aren't quite sure what to do with him yet. LOL! He also has his first 'crush', but mom and dad are trying to talk him out of that one. Its a little early for a college relationship! So thank you all for all your supportive comments, thoughts, and prayers. I've been told by other mom's to prepare for a second melt down, so I know its not all going to be downhill from here! LOL!
Have a great day! Amy


  1. What a nice page. Looks like it's going to be quite an album when all the pages are done.

    That's good that the teacher's at his college are taking into account his special skills. I think it's good to have a review course anyway. This way he's sure what the school is teaching and can meet other students in the same major.

  2. GREAT page and I'm so happy to hear that college is going better for him. :)

  3. great page! I love the font and colors and simple layout. i laughed at the line "mom and dad are trying to talk him out of that one." i hope he listens!

  4. Awesome page...great photos to work with too! Good to hear he's getting on better at college. It's gotta be a big step!


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