Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Using Quotes or Song Lyrics on Your Page

Have you ever heard a quote or listened to a song and really connected to it somehow? I certainly have. The quote I used on this page really spoke to me because not only do I think it applies to every human being, but it especially reminded me of my own beautiful daughter. She truly is a ray of sunshine wherever she goes and always manages to touch the lives of all who are lucky enough to know her. In case you can't read the quote it says: 'You are a bright spirit and you have a unique purpose here on earth.'

The pictures are of my daughter playing with the child of a friend of ours. Because I wanted Ashley to be the focus of the page, I placed a singular picture of her right next to the quote and then I highlighted with a frame. I also highlighted the word 'Bright' with a different color and the star. I added more stars (made with my cuttlebug and star die) to emphasize her bright spirit, and I put shiny glitter dots (Stickles) around the frame and in the background. I stamped my own background paper using the retired Stampin Up! 'CrossHatch' stamp.

So do you have pictures that remind you of a specific quote or song? Type or stamp the words out, and use them on your page!

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  1. Heart warming and beautiful. I had to wrap my head around the fact that this was a picture of your daughter and not you! You look so young! I have an Ashley too, btw!


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