Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Creative Bible Journaling - January Pages

Come along with me each month as I journal my way through the Bible.  I'm not artistic at all, so you won't see beautiful illustrations and calligraphy, but what you will see is what I gleaned from the scriptures every day and how I creatively journaled what I have learned in the margins of my Inspire Bible.

I really did a lot of Bible Journaling pages last month.  The winter months are perfect for spending a lot of time in God's word!  I did a whopping 22 pages!  Because I have so many pages to show you,  I'm gonna make my commentary on each page very brief and let the page speak for itself.

All but this page are in the book of Job.  I must have forgotten it in last month's Bible Journaling post.

This is a page of the last chapter of 1 Samuel.  I used my "Enduring Hope" ephemera  to illustrate some thoughts and notes I had on this chapter.  1 Samuel 31 is the end of the King Saul's reign and shows how God started to clear the way for David to become the next king.  It also shows how God always has "mighty warriors" waiting in the wings to carry out his will.

The rest of my pages are all in the book of Job.  This is a page I created in response to how we should treat our hurting brothers and sisters in Christ, instead of how sadly Job's "friends" treated him.

In Job 17 I was reminded of how our prayers don't get answered in our own timeline and that we have to "worship in the wait".   The victory will come in endurance.

On my next page I just hand wrote some notes from the Enduring Word Bible Commentary that really resonated with me.

Job begged his friends to have mercy on him during this difficult time.  I used sticker outlines to write the main thought "have mercy" and then I added some notes on a ticket die.  

This is probably the most famous verse in the book of Job, there's even an amazing Christian song by Nicole C. Mullen based on this verse.

In Job 21,  Job asks his friends to "Listen closely". so I built a page around listening to suffering Christians and then hand wrote a verse from James 1:9 about being "quick to listen".

Even though Job's friends were judgemental and not very kind, they did have some awesome things to say about God, like this verse:

Another beautiful verse about God.

Even though Job got depressed and questioned where God was in all this, he never sinned against Him.

Here I used ephemera from my "Illustrated Faith" kit "Enduring Hope" to illustrate how God's Word is wisdom, which is manna for our souls.

For this page I took a statement Job made about his previous life and added some personal notes about how when we help others, we are blessed.

For me, most of the book of Job is about him wanting answers from God, but never really getting them.  In my own life, I often feel frustrated when prayers go unanswered.  But then I am reminded that there is a never not an answer to prayer but it's either 1) Yes, 2) No, or 3) Not yet, or "I have something else in mind for you".

This is a page I created after reading a commentary on Job 31.

More of Job wanting answers, of which he repents of in Chapter 42.

A beautiful verse on God the creator.

Oh, I struggle so much with wickedness and evil being done in the word and not seeing justice.  But Job 34:21 reminds me that God does see everything.  I then made a checklist of things to fully surrender over to God that really make me fume!

Hebrews 12:4-11 explains that sometimes God disciplines us through adversity so that we can share in His holiness.  We may not always understand why troubles come our way, but one thing we can always ask ourselves is "What can I learn from this situation?"

One of the most incredible things to me about the book of Job is that it is the oldest book in the Bible yet has modern scientific statements in it.  I mean how did they know about how it rains in 37:27?  

A pretty page for a pretty verse!  Often when I'm down and out, just getting out in nature and seeing all of God's handiwork cheers me up!

I love this verse because I really feel that when there are issues or problems in my life that the Bible doesn't have a clear answer for,   the Holy Spirit gives us guidance.

 I hope you enjoyed my very long Bible Journaling post this month.  Next month, will not be so lengthy, I promise.

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Such beautifully done pages and great inspirational verses/quotes on each!

  2. Thanks so much for linking up at the #UnlimitedLinkParty 101. Shared.

  3. Both artistic and inspirational! I like it a lot, Amy.

  4. Oh very lovely darling
    My best wishes and blessings

  5. Beautiful! I love looking at your Bible journaling pages -- the 3D stickers and images along with the highlighting and notes make the pages really come alive. Thank you for sharing this post in the Talent-Sharing Tuesdays Link-Up 55.

  6. Oh, Amy, you have outdone yourself with these beautiful pages. You absolutely cannot say you are not artistic. These pages are works of art and you are the artist who created them. Just beautiful. Love the use of mixed media and collage. I need to incorporate some of that in mine. Even stamping and stickers. So many wonderful verses from Job.

    1. Leslie, you are way too kind. Thanks so much!

  7. Amy these are beautiful! You do such lovely journaling. I love that you shared what you gleaned from God's word. I paused to reflect upon what you learned.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with Sweet Tea & Friends this month dear friend.

  8. Beautifully done and so uplifting! Thank you for sharing at You're the Star Blog Hop -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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