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"When the Kingdom Comes: From Global Chaos to Eden" by Harry M. Phillips

As a blogger for many years my inbox in constantly filled with requests from various companies and people to review and advertise products.  I spend a good part of every morning, just deleting those inquiries.  At this point in my life, my blog is just a hobby.  It is a space to share my life,  to meet other people with common interests,  and to preserve my memories.  However, every once in a while an email request comes through that really intrigues me.  What was really surprising was that this email was about a book review.  Now, even though I graduated from college with an English Literature degree, I will have to admit that other than my Bible, I don't read books anymore.  I think I got burned out on reading books in college and I also read so much for blogging, that I have no desire to pick up a book.  So no one was more surprised than me that out of all the email requests I get for my blog, the one I actually would respond to would be for a book.  But I did!

So the question is, why did I respond to this email to review this book?  I have to say, the title really intrigued me, especially the subtitle.  The past eighteen months has changed everyone's life all around the world.  No matter who you are, where you live, what your income is, the pandemic has affected your life.  We all have different feelings about the pandemic and the world's governments handling of the disease.  I have never looked at this pandemic as a virus that I was afraid to get.  But I have looked at this virus as something that governments were using for control.  The virus has never scared me, but government over reach and loss of civil liberties has terrified me.  It drove me to my Bible, to dig deeper into God's word, to study prophecy, and to pray for discernment.  I became more and more interested in what would happen in the "End Times".  I wanted to be educated and prayed up so that I would not be deceived.  So when this book came along, I desired to actually read it!

 "When the Kingdom Comes" is about that 1000 year period after the rapture and Armageddon, when Jesus  returns with His bride to rule and reign on earth.  It describes what the world will be like after seven years of tribulation and how Jesus and Christians will come and take the world from absolute chaos and restore it back to what it was always meant to be when God first created it.  

As a believer, watching world events the past eighteen months has been terrifying yet exciting at the same time.  I feel we are living in the "End of the Age" and the rapture is so close.  The thought that Jesus could come back for us at any moment is so exhilarating and comforting, yet, I wonder how much persecution we will have to go through before He returns.  Reading this book, and hearing about the amazing, wonderful life we will all have once Jesus comes back and rules and reigns, gives me the courage to embrace the days before He returns.

Here are five ideas presented in the book that really excited and comforted me:

1.  Our old bodies will be replaced with new bodies that will be supernatural in nature.  We will have supernatural abilities. We will be able "to pass through time and space to travel from heaven back to the earth."  We will have abilities that "will make it possible for us to carry out our duties and tasks during the millennial kingdom."  We will never know sickness, disease, or pain again.  We won't suffer from old age, but we will feel young and energetic again!  As a 50-something woman, that really excited me!  

2.  With these new bodies we will assist Jesus and begin doing work.  During the Tribulation, Mr. Phillips states that "sick and dying believers will have been waiting for the return of Jesus.  Now that He will have arrived, it will be our task to find and rescue these believers from further suffering".  Wow!  We're gonna be heroes!  We are going to be the rescue team for other believers in Christ.  I LOVE that!  

3.  At the end of the Tribulation, the ungodly is removed from the earth and the entire world mercantile system collapses.  The new millennial kingdom will not be an extension of our current world.  "Jesus is not coming back to fix our world, but USHER IN A WHOLE NEW ONE"!  All the problems of this world will be gone!  No more injustice, no more poverty, no more starvation, and most importantly, no more government corruption, because "Jesus will have full responsibility and authority for His Kingdom".  

4.  The millennial kingdom will be a place "where teaching will permeate all of society".  The Word of God will be taught everywhere!  " It will be marked as a time of great teaching and interest in Scripture, and it will be the topic of every conversation people will have.  It will be discussed in every town, village, and city, and it will become the VERY ESSENCE OF LIFE for the people of the Kingdom of God.".  I don't know about you, but I love to talk about God and His Word.  I can't even imagine a world where everyone else wants to talk about it too! 

5.  Nature itself will bring forth abundance for the kingdom people.  Wow! As a gardener who struggles daily with weeds, pestilence, disease, and the weather, I can't even imagine the joy of a garden without any of these problems.  But the earth will be once again as it was in the Garden of Eden.  There will be a "total change in the planet and its ability to grow vegetation".  People will NEVER lack for food again.  Hallelujah !

There is so much more in this book about the millennial kingdom, but I don't want to give it all away.  I just wanted to share five things about the kingdom that really excited me.  This book really helped me get past my fear of the uncertainty of the times we are living in and to LOOK FORWARD to what lies ahead for me.  I recently heard one of my favorite pastors, Jon Courson, say "For the believer, this is the worst it will ever get.  For the unbeliever, this is the best it will ever be.".  Wow.  Let that sink in.  

This book really encouraged me and gave me peace to help me navigate life during these uncertain times.  If you are like me and struggling as well, I hope that you will read it and let it encourage you too!    We have such a great future awaiting us!  The Best Is Yet To Come!

You can purchase this book from these sources:

Westbow Press


Barnes and Noble

I received the book for free in exchange for my review.  All my opinions are my own.

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Thanks for this review, Amy. We could all use some encouragement and peace these days. I'm planning to give this a read. - Angie

    1. You're welcome! You will really enjoy it. I felt it opened my eyes and helped me to look forward to the future instead of fear it.

  2. Sounds like an interesting book. Would be a good entry in my Exploring World Religions linkup. Thanks so much for linking up with me at the Unlimited Link Party 28. Pinned!

    1. It really is. It gave me lots to think about and pause to consider things I never would of thought before. Thanks for reminding me to link up. I just did.

  3. Visiting again to say thanks so much for sharing your post with us at the Exploring World Religions Linkup 8 so that we can better understand each other through our religion, faith, and beliefs. Pinned!

  4. This sounds like an interesting read, thanks for sharing, Amy.
    ~Lisa, Visiting from World Religion Linkup #8

  5. This sounds like an interesting book, Amy. Like you, I'm excited about what God is doing and preparing to do in the world, whatever the timing for it all. But I'm concerned as you are about government overreach, yet, comforted that our great God is still in control. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Amy, this is such a great book review. Isn't it funny how these things come our way exactly when we need them? If that isn't proof enough of a higher power, I don't know what is! I can relate so much to your sentiments about the past year and half. In fact, I have spoken words similar to yours numerous times..."The virus has never scared me, but government over reach and loss of civil liberties has terrified me." It has been a crazy time for all of us. Finding comfort and solace wherever we can is so important.


    1. Thanks Shelbee. Everyone's reactions to this virus and the handling of it has been so different causing so many arguments. I never understood why the people who were so terrified of it couldn't just leave the people alone who just wanted to live their lives as normally as possible. I really liked how the governor of South Dakota handled it. She trusted her people to make the right decisions for themselves.

  7. CONGRATS! Your post is FEATURED at the Exploring World Religions Linkup 9!


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