Tuesday, May 25, 2021

April Bible Journaling Pages

Once a month I like to share my Bible Journaling Pages and what God has been teaching me.  In the month of April I finished the books of Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obediah, and started the book of Jonah.  Now before you think I read a lot, most of the book were minor prophets, so they were very short.    Sometimes I just color in the preprinted images of the "Inspire Bible" (available on Amazon) and I also create my own pages.
Unless otherwise stated, all the images are colored in with either gel pens or colored pencils.  I tend to color larger areas with pencils then get the more intricate spots with pens.  I high light my Bible with gel highlighters, and I usually use gelatos or  craft paint for my backgrounds.

In the month of April I finished the great book of Daniel, then I began the minor prophets.  On this page, Daniel is praying for his people.  He began his prayer with a praise of God.  I think all our prayers should always begin with praising God for who He is.

I listened to all of Jon Courson's sermons about the book of Daniel.  One of the many things Jon said was that Daniel's life is an example to all Christians to STUDY the word of God, PRAY, FAST, and REPENT.  I created this page showing Daniel's example of Godly living.  I cut all the arrows using a die and cutting machine, then I glued them on to the page.

This is the title page to the book of Hosea.  What a beautiful verse, and the perfect verse for the title page, as it is the theme of the book of Hosea.

Many images in the Inspire Bible are not Bible verses but characteristics of God or attributes we should have.  This image highlights the word "faith" as that is something God wants us all to have in Him.  In Chapter 4:1 God says against Israel "There is no faithfulness....of God in your land".  

Here is a page I created myself using digital images from Keys of the Kingdom.  
Hosea 6:3 encourages us to press on the know the Lord...read our Bibles, pray, worship...and He will respond to us like spring rain.  Oh, what an image:  God refreshing us like spring rain.  Recently I've had a personal example of this.  Our area has been so dry lately.  The ground was as hard as cement, the rivers were very low, and although everything was living, nothing was thriving. Then, it finally rained and it's as if everything just sprang to LIFE!  Suddenly, everything greened up and grew, and grew.  God can do the same for us when we seek Him with our whole hearts.

I highlighted this entire verse.  I love the second part that says "Plow up the hard ground of your hearts".  Just like plowing a field is hard work, so is working on our hearts.  We can become hardened and jaded with time and we have to do the hard work of seeking God to have showers of righteousness in our lives again.

This pre-painted image is an attribute of God.  I was listening to a Jon Courson sermon and he said "God loves everyone as if He were the only one" so I added a heart on the page and hand wrote that sentiment in.

This verse encourages us to come back to God and to live lives of love, justice, and dependance on Him.

The book of Hosea is an illustration of God's love to a faithless people, but it can also be applied to all people today.  It is a plea to return to Him, confess our sin, renounce our dependance on other things, declare His greatness;  then growth, beauty, strength, value, delight, and abundance is restored to us.

This is the title page to the book of Joel.  This book, like many of the prophetic books, has two layers:  near and far fulfillment prophecies.  It speaks of the what will happen during the time period it was written, but also what will happen in "The Day of the Lord".

I created this "Day of the Lord" page myself.  I used dark colors to illustrate the "tremble in fear" part of the verse.

Here is another page I created myself using stickers, stamps, and wash tape.  The background was created with craft paint.  The numbers and pocket watch image were used to emphasize the urgency of time.  We never know when that trumpet will call.  Repent and turn to God now while you still have time.

The next two pages were created to emphasize some of my favorite verses about how God's spirit will be poured out on people at the end of the age.  I colored the backgrounds with craft paint, then I hand wrote the verses in.  The images are Sunday School Bible Coloring images I got off the Internet for free.  I simply colored them in, cut them out, and glued them to the pages.

The Inspire Bible has a lot of pages where there is just an image and no Bible verse (you will see an example of another two later in this post).  Here I decided to start using some of these images to write my own Bible verse on.  After I colored in the image, I then painted around it, and then hand wrote a Bible verse from the book of Joel.

The title page to the book of Amos.  I love this verse.  I am so tired of seeing all the injustices in our country today.  It seems to me one side gets away with everything and is so corrupt, and the other side is constantly persecuted and punished for everything and nothing.  The scales of lady justice are no longer even in our country today and her blindfold has been removed.  I never thought I would see this happen in my country.  We've become as corrupt as Banana Republic nations.  I pray everyday for God to intervene and expose all the injustice and do something.  My husband keeps telling me, "Oh, don't worry.  God says "Justice is mine" and He will deal with those people".  But I want to see justice now!  I've always struggled with wanting to see "fairness" my whole life.  Injustice is one issue that just drives me crazy.  But I know I have to be patient and God will make all the wrongs "right" again.  Someday soon He will return to rule and reign on this earth, and finally everything will be just and fair.

Here is another page I created myself.  I painted a nature background using craft paint then once again I went on the Internet and looked for coloring pages of two people walking together.  I printed the black and white images, colored them, cut them out, and glued them to the page.  Then I used stickers and my own hand-writing for the scripture verse.  I cut out a cloud using a die and a cutting machine then I hand wrote my thoughts about what this verse means to me.

This is a very important verse.  Let's be like Joseph in the book of Genesis (Genesis 29)  and "Do what is good and RUN from evil".  When Pharoah's wife wanted to sleep with him, he ran from her so fast he left his cloak behind.  We need to do the very same every time we are tempted to sin.

Here is an example of an page (as I explained earlier in this post) that just has an image and no Bible verse.  Here I simply colored it and did not handwrite a verse in.

The title page for the book of Obadiah.  I love how this title page is illustrated.  The Edomites lived in what is known at Petra today and they thought they could be protected from their enemies because of all the mountains surrounding them.  But,  God said they were proud and boastful because they put their faith in themselves and not the Lord.

Here is an example of another page where there was just an illustration and not a Bible verse.  After I colored it in, I hand wrote all my thoughts about the book of Obediah:  that it is a personal exhortation to all of us that we must not be prideful.

And finally, the title page to the book of Jonah.  I will finish this book next month.   I colored the page in blue to emphasize water.  What a great verse for this book and our own lives!  When Jonah was inside the whale and thought he was going to die, he called out to God and he heard Him.  If God can hear Jonah when he is deep inside a whale,   He can hear us!  When we are spiritually dead, we are in the land of the dead too.  But all we need to do is call to Him and He will answers us!

I hope you enjoyed looking at my Bible Journaling pages this month and that they ministered to you in some way.  

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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  1. You are so creative! it's lovely to see! I like the page you made for Hosea 6:3 - lovely layout! :) I use the bible app on my phone each day so I don't get as creative when I read!

    Hope you are having a nice week :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Thanks Mica! I use the Bible app too. It's very convenient!

  2. So beautiful and vibrant as always, Amy! I just thought of you the other day when I was searching for some new markers for my coloring books. They had a bunch of different Bible journaling highlighters and I had considered grabbing a set to use for something even though I don't do Bible journaling. But I went with some paint markers instead! Thanks for sharing your creativity and your faith with us, my friend.


    1. Thank you Shelbee! It's nice to hear I was in your thoughts, you're in my prayers!


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