Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Bible Journaling For The Second Week Of March

Tuesdays are the days I posts my crafty endeavors.  If I don't have a craft or a handmade card to share, I show my Bible Journaling Pages.  If your new to Bible Journaling and want to learn more about it, see this post HERE!  I use the Inspire Bible which has some pre-printed pages, that I can just color in, but I also venture off and get creative sometimes and create my own pages.

Here are my Bible Journaling Pages for this week.   This week about half are pre-colored pages and the other half is my own design.

As I've been reading and studying the book of Exodus I was shocked at how many times God had to tell Moses to "GO!"  Five times Moses pleaded with God to send someone else.   I don't know if it's because we all have childhood memories of Charleston Heston as a heroic Moses but he was really very human, full of fear and insecurities like anyone else.

The words and border were colored with gel pens but I did the lavender background with a colored pencil.

I love this verse, "The Lord HIMSELF will fight for you.  JUST STAY CALM!"  ha -ha!  I need to tell myself that everyday!  It is so easy to be afraid when the enemy strikes.

This verse was colored with gel pens, I used glitter gel pens to highlight significant words like "Lord" and "himself, will, and you".  The scrolls were also done in gold gel pens.

I thought this image was very playful and whimsical in design so I colored it in bright colors.  I only used pastel gel pens for this verse.

This is one of my favorite pages I've created myself because it incorporates stamps, stickers and other scrapbooking/card-making supplies.  But most importantly I love it for its message.  As I read how "delighted" Jethro was when he heard from Moses about all the good things God has done the word "delight" just really struck me.  We should be delighted in the Lord and all the good things He has done and will do for us.  So I pulled out my old Stampin' Up! set "Delight in Life" (what stamp set could be more appropriate right?) and created a page as I "Delighted in the Lord!".

I water colored the background.  The words are a mix of stamps and stickers.  The large ink flowers I stamped , colored, cut out, and glued to the page.  The little dots in the background is a stamp. Then I finished the page off with yellow Prima flowers and a pearl accent in the middle.  It was so much fun creating this page!

This is a page that is very meaningful to me.  When I was reading Exodus 21 and 22 I noticed how many times the words "Compensate" was used.  I put a square in red every time I saw the word "Compensate".  These chapters really hit me hard.  God really expects compensation for sin.  We are so fortunate to be living in the age of grace where Jesus paid our debt;  He is our compensation for our sin.

To make this page, I hand drew a cross with a pencil than I colored it in using water color markers.  I stamped the word "Compensation" down the length of the cross.  I had wrote "The debt had to be paid" in red.  Everything else is a sticker or washi tape.  The background was colored with gelatos".

This is pre-printed page, though I dd stamp an angel on the top using a retired Stampin' Up stamp called "Angelic".  The background was colored with gelatos.  The words were colored with gel pens.

And finally, another page I designed myself.  Here I was moved when God said to Moses "Accept the contributions from all whose hearts are moved to offer them".  God wants a moved and willing heart! He only wants our offerings if our hearts are right.  So I wrote that right in my bible under God's word and I glued a little heart that I punched out of red card stock using a heart punch.  I also drew a heart around the word "heart" in the verse.  Finally, I sketched hearts in the side panel using images from Bible Journal Guide Book as an example.  I stamped the word "Love" vertically and hand wrote "Offerings" in pink.  I added more pink heart punches, and hand wrote "moved" and 'hearts" inside the hearts.  The page was finished off coloring in the background and the inside of the hearts with gelatos.

I hope you enjoy seeing my Bible Journaling pages when I don't have another craft to show you.  Next week I have a piece of re-finished furniture to share.  I painted an old china hutch with chalk paint...my first time ever using this type of paint.

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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  1. So pretty! I love the bright neon pops. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. You actually introduced me to Bible journaling, I had never heard of it before and I think it's a wonderful idea.

    1. Thanks Cristina. It’s a fairly new hobby that started in 2014, and seems to get more and more popular as time goes on.

  3. This is lovely dear. Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  4. I hope you will continue these Bible journaling posts because you are encouraging me to step outside my comfort zone with my own journaling. Let me ask you...I have used water color pencils a time or two but the pages get so crinkled with the water. Do yours? I guess that is ok but even when they are dry, they look kind of weird. I tried putting some stuff down on the pages first...can't think of the name of the stuff...but it made things worse. Do I just need to get over it?
    Love the addition of dimensional things like flowers and pearls. And I have stamps...I can incorporate those. Oh, how I need a big craft room where I can get all of these supplies out and leave them out!

    Such beautiful work, Amy. Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring us.

    1. Oh, I will definitely continue with this. Bible Journaling has helped me grow immensely. Now to answer your technical questions. I have a feeling your letting your pages air dry instead of using a heat tool to dry them. Air drying does cause wrinkles, but if you dry them with a heating tool (not a hair dryer) they won't wrinkle very much. If they are still wrinkled a little after drying, you can actually iron them. Just set your iron to the lowest heat possible. I also think you're talking about Gesso. I only use Gesso when I don't want the color to bleed on the next page. Yes, Gesso also causes wrinkles but you have to heat dry each application. As far as "getting over it", I had to do that with my bible journaling overall. I'm such a perfectionist but Bible Journaling isn't suppose to be perfect. It can't be, because you only have one chance. You can't rip it up and start over like you would with a card or scrapbook page. However, I just read on another Bible Journaling site that if you make a mistake on one of your pages you can just paint over the page with craft paint and start over. I haven't tried that yet, I thought of going back and revisiting some pages I wasn't happy with it. I'll be sure to share my results here if I do.


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