Friday, April 25, 2014

Fashion Over Fifty: Mixing Denims with Florals

Hello!  For this week's Fashion Over Fifty post I have a spring outfit to show you thanks to the beautiful state of Tennessee!  These pictures were taken on the gorgeous estate of one of our former presidents:  Andrew Jackson.  Tennessee's flowering trees are all in bloom, as well as their spring bulbs:  what a great backdrop for taking fashion photos!

I love a feminine look, but  I'm way too old to look 'girly', so I like to break it up by mixing in a little edge with my 'girly' clothing items.  One way to do this is by mixing in rougher fabrics like denim with softer florals and pastel colors.  In the outfit below, I have a pastel floral shirt and a pink flowing gauze scarf with a more rugged denim jacket and pinstripe skinny jeans.  The trendy shoes with multiple straps really ties the whole outfit together. 
 I bought my shoes at PayLess on a day they were having a huge 'Comfort Shoe Sale'.  I haven't purchased a pair of shoes at PayLess for years, I normally buy all my shoes at Famous Footwear or a major department store like Macy's or Younkers.  But that day, I bought four pairs of shoes because I found so many cute shoes,  and they were all less than $20.00 a pair!  I love these shoes because the straps are made of elastic, so they stretch to fit your foot making them very comfortable to wear.  And I always love any shoe with a wedge heel, because it gives me that lift that I like, but I can still walk in them.

 My jacket was purchased last year from Express.  I was so happy to see that denim jackets were still trending this year:  especially since I bought mine late in the season last year and didn't get much use out of it.  I picked up this pink gauze infinity scarf on my trip.  I love to wear scarves in the spring.  They are perfect for chilly mornings and evenings;  providing just that extra bit warmth I need.
 My only jewelry was a double strand cobalt blue watch and a white seed bead bracelet.
 I found this cute silver metallic cross body bag for only $10.00 at New York and Co.  I always use cross body bags on my travels for security reasons, and because of the neutral color, this bag went with every single one of my vacation outfits.

When the temperatures rose in the afternoon, I removed my denim jacket.  My pullover floral shirt is from The Gap.  I had actually saw a dress with this pattern on it on-line and went into the store to buy it.  But when I tried it on,  I felt it looked horrible on me because it was so big and baggy it looked like I was wearing a bed sheet.  I tried on a size small, but I just felt it did not flatter my figure at all.  I then lamented to the salesperson that it was such a shame, because I really loved the pattern, and he suggested I try the shirt on in a size extra small.  So I did, and it worked!  I didn't get the dress then, but I got the pattern I loved on a shirt instead!

My pinstripe jeans are from a.n.a and you probably remember me wearing them in THIS post.  See, I do wear my clothes more than once!
 Here is a close up so you can see the pretty, soft floral pattern on the cotton shirt a little better.
Have a great and fashionable day!  Amy


  1. Gorgeous photos Amy. Love the outfit you are wearing and beautiful floral backgrounds!

  2. What a pretty place to take your pictures at and I love this casually stylish weekend look! The shoes are a great buy; love their shape and I agree that wedges are great for comfort and some height :) <3
    XOXO, Elif

  3. Great outfit, love the denim jacket and skinny jeans!

  4. Very pretty print. great outfit for in-between weather!! :)
    “hugs” Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique


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