Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hanover, New Hampshire

Hello!  Welcome to another post about my New Hampshire vacation which I took in back in August.  As my regular readers already know,  I've been doing one post a week about my trip and I'm now up to day three;  three months later!  If you want to read about days one and two you will have to scroll way down.  

Well after two full days of hiking in the White Mountains, clinging to cliffs and branches, and seeing lots and lots of waterfalls, I was ready for a 'chick day'.  I love nature, and I really enjoy spending time outdoors, but cities and cute towns appeal to me as well.  Since the Ivy League College Dartmouth was in the area, my husband and I decided to let our twenty one year old son sleep in while we went to visit the quaint town of Hanover and the campus.  What a feast for the eyes that was...if you love history and historic buildings.

Here is one of the main streets of Hanover and one of my favorite clothing stores.  We don't have a Talbots where I live, so I always enjoy stopping in one when I'm traveling. While there, I bought a new white sweater to replace the one that got ripped and dirty from our Frankenstein Trail Hike the day before.
 All the streets had these beautiful brick front stores, gorgeous lanterns, and luscious hanging baskets.

 My little feathered friends seem to follow me wherever I go.  I noticed them chirping vivaciously above me and assumed they must have had a nest in one of the hanging baskets and was protecting it.
 This is a hotel in the main intersection of Hanover.

 Dartmouth Campus is right in the town of Hanover, here are some of the buildings.  All beautifully preserved, or new, but made to look old.

This creepy spider sculpture is right outside the Fine Arts Building.

 I loved the stone of this old church.
 Notice the dates on this dormitory.  What history.
More beautiful old steeple.

 This is the back of the stone church pictured above.   It was impossible not to notice how much Christian history had a place in the college at one time.

 Have a great day! Amy

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  1. Such stunning photos Amy. Love them all! Hanover seems like such a beautiful town!


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