Monday, September 30, 2013

Ripley Falls

Hello!  I'm back with another post of our New Hampshire Vacation.  Believe it or not, I'm still on Day Two!  We crammed a lot of adventure into the four days we were there.  I think I'll be done posting about my August Vacation just about the time I'll be ready to leave for my Holiday Vacation to Florida!  LOL!  To continue from my previous post, after our adventurous hike on Frankenstein Cliff and a brief scenic drive, we then went to Ripley Falls.  The travel catalog describes the hike to Ripley Falls as 'easy', but when you've already spent the whole day hiking, it can be exhausting, however, it was much shorter than our previous hike.  From the parking lot, the trail is only about a half mile, but it is a steep, uphill climb all the way.  It is well worth the ambitious hike,  because when you get to the end of the trail,  this is the beauty that you shall see:

 To get to the trail itself, after you park your car you have to cross over these railroad tracks.  Talk about a perfect picture opportunity!  Love it!   That's my son Jordan in the photo below.
 The sign right across the tracks directing the hiker to the falls.

The unique feature of this waterfall is the descent of the rock wall.  It's 100 feet of beautiful, smooth rock, set at a 60 degree angle, which causing the water to maintain contact with the rock all the way down.  My son is in the photos below to give you some idea of the scale of this amazing rock formation.

 The water pools in the bottom so if it's a warm day you can wade safely in the puddles below.

 That's me in the picture below.  The size of these boulders are unbelievable!
 My son-in-law Jason being silly in the puddles below the falls.

Have a great day! Amy


  1. What gorgeous photos!! I would love to visit there!! TFS!! I am sure it was time with family to treasure!!

  2. Fabulous photos, what lovely scenery!


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