Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fashion Over Fifty "Skinny Jeans?"

Hello!  We got a very unusual cold front in Northwestern Wisconsin this past week, forcing everyone to dig out the long pants and jackets.  I was really in a dilemma about what to wear to church.  I wasn't scheduled to sing, so I could dress a little more casually than I normally do, but I wanted to be 'warm' in the cooler temperatures and yet still look like 'summer'.  I decided on a pair of dark skinny jeans, a chiffon sleeveless shirt (with a brightly colored cardigan to keep warm) and a pair of blue striped wedges. (The cardigan and shoes were purchased last season, so I don't have links to those items).   I prefer the way this outfit looks without the cardigan.  I felt that when I put the cardigan on that I automatically looked ten pounds heavier.  But, in the end, the cardigan won because warmth and comfort is far more important to me than fashion and beauty.

 I dug this mustard colored purse out of my fall closet so that I could add even more color to my outfit.  I chose chunky gold bracelets, gold hoop earrings, and a blue/gold pendant necklace for my accessories.
 The weather was so cold, I couldn't even bear to take the photographs outside, so I chose to take pictures in my sun room instead.  This is me with the cardigan on, which I ended up wearing all day, because it never did warm up.  My original intention was only to wear it in the morning, but I think my teeth chattered all day.
 And here is a close up of my necklace and jewelry.
Now for my opinion about skinny jeans.  I was on the fence about them the first season they came out, so I bought my first pair at J.C. Penny for $20.00 just to try them out.  Big mistake.  I liked the way they looked, but they felt so uncomfortable.  The material was just like any other pair of I felt like I was wearing a straight jacket whenever I wore them.   I then went to Express and tried on a pair of their Extreme Stretch Skinny Jeans.   I was in heaven!  The material is so lightweight, soft, and breathable.  They are very comfortable to wear, they feel like leggings...I could sleep in them!  Once I found a comfortable pair of skinny jeans, I went back and bought several more pairs in different colors. I personally really like the tailored fit, they look so much more polished and dressy than regular jeans, but, I don't think they are for every body type.  I'm sure some people would say no one over the age of forty should wear skinny jeans, but I would say, it's more about your shape, not your age.  I've always had long, thin legs, so skinny jeans really work well for me.  Now, if there was such a thing as a 'skinny top', that I would avoid with a ten foot pole....because I'm definitely NOT skinny on top!  I've also heard a few people comment that skinny jeans weren't modest, and for that reason should be avoided.  I  can certainly understand how some women would feel that way.   I usually wear  a looser, longer top with my skinnies to cover up, just as I would if I were wearing leggings, so I don't feel I am being immodest at all.  What are your thoughts or experiences with skinny jeans?  Have you ever tried them?

I hope you enjoyed another fashion discussion for women over fifty.  Have a great day! Amy


  1. Well you are making fashion over fifty look amazing Amy! :)

  2. You look great Amy, love how the Jeans look on you! I am not even 40 yet, and I haven't tried any of the skinny jeans. I always wear my bootcut jeans whenever I wear jeans. I seriously need a fashion makeover of some sort, and all your posts really inspire me. Maybe I'll go shopping once school starts again.

  3. If I looked as good in them as you do I would be wearing them!


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