Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring Daffodils

Spring has FINALLY arrived here in Northwestern Wisconsin, and I must say I am amazed at the amount of Daffodils I have blooming this year. They have really multiplied. This garden is HUGE. I planted these daffodils in groups probably about 8 years ago and divided them a couple of times and look at what they have multiplied into: If you have a hill in your yard, plant daffodils. They love hills because their bulbs don't rot or soak in water. Here is a side view of the hill overlooking my garden shed.

This view is at the base of the hill looking up at my house.

I'm amazed at how prolific the daffodils are this year considering all the horrible cold weather we've had and spring snowstorms. I literally did not think they'd survive being buried under a foot of snow once they had buds on them. But they did. Isn't Mother Nature amazing.

And finally a far away shot of the whole hillside so you can see how large this garden is. The rest of the summer this garden is covered in ground covers, and in the fall the entire hillside is filled with Black Eyed Susan's.

All the spring birds have finally arrived. My favorite are the Orioles. I saw the finches turned yellow already. There was one bathing in my water fountain early this morning. Oh how I love Spring. It's my favorite time of the year. Now, if I could only spend the whole day outside and not have to go to work today! Darn.

Have a great day! Amy


  1. Those look like calendar-worthy shots!
    very pretty!

  2. Oh such gorgeous and inspiring photos!! Sure is nice to see when I'm feeling so sick!! TFS! HUGS

  3. Wow this must be beautiful in real life.. I love daffodils.. Mine bloomed in early March. So glad the snow did not ruin them.. Happy Spring.

  4. Love the landscape and your home. You have a beautiful place...looks like it would be such an inspirational setting. So glad you got to have a beautiful spring. We certainly have here in Missouri, although it has been unbelievable cool here the last few days. I'm ready for some bright sun.

  5. Love your card Amy!! And what a beautiful view you have from your house to the daffodil meadow that you planted. Absolutely gorgeous!! Wisconsin is truly a beautiful state! My friend is moving there, wish I could go too!! IL is so boring and flat!


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