Monday, November 17, 2008

Fall Pictures of Buffalo County

Here are the long-awaited pictures of my home, Buffalo County, that I promised you. These pictures were taken past peak because I just couldn't find the time to take pictures while the colors were in full peak. Either it was always raining when I had the time to take pics, or I didn't have an available car that day. But I still think the more muted fall colors are pretty too. Its not the best photography because I took the pics at the wrong time of the day, and I also scanned these pics into my computer instead of directly downloading them from the camera, so the clarity is gone, but you get the idea, nevertheless.
Buffalo County is primarily a farming community. We are not farmers, and don't live on a farm. We live in an old house built in the late 1800's. I've already posted pics of the outside of our home, and because so many of my readers requested pics of the interior of the home, I plan on showing pictures of the interior of the house decorated for Christmas soon; so keep checking back!
The area is known for two things: its scenic rolling hills and bluffs, and its trophy winning BUCKS! Hunters from all over Wisconsin and even the United States, love to come here to hunt because are bucks consistently rank as the largest in the State. As a result, our land values have sky rocketed, because hunters want to buy land so they can hunt here.

Every picture you see was taken within a 5 minute drive of my home. I just hopped in my car and drove 5 minutes in each direction and found such amazing beauty.

This is one of my favorite roads that I love to photograph and also to take walks on. Its so peaceful and beautiful.

I found this beautiful ornamental grass growing wild. I would have loved to cut some of the blooms and bring them home, but I didn't have any clippers with me and wasn't sure if the DNR would appreciate it. LOL!

Cows are something we see a lot of around here. You can't walk or drive more than a half a mile without seeing a cow! As most of you know, Wisconsin is the dairy state, although California keeps trying to steal our title away from us!

This final picture is one of my favorite scenes that takes my breath away everytime I drive on this road. One can help but believe in a Divine Creator when they see such beauty.
I hope you enjoyed my little fall tour of Buffalo County. Till another day, Amy


  1. Enjoy it!!! I went back for 2nds & 3rds!! AWESOME photographs Amy ... isn't it wonderful to be walking out there and being "1" with nature and our lord!! Every photo I came to took my breathe away more than the last! Great job and thanks so much for sharing!!! Before you know it, those hills will be rolling with snow!! Had a dusting here today ... time sure is flying!!! Looking forward to seeing your home decorated ...

  2. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to post your beautiful photographs Amy, I've enjoyed your view immensly. Stunning scenery, you certainly live in a most beautiful area. I love all the leafy lanes and rolling hills and you've inspired me to do the same now LOL! I also live near some rolling hills on the other side of which is the sea, I must get my camera out! Thanks again. Chris :)

  3. Breathtaking!! What a wonderful place to call home. Fall has always been my favorite season. However, each season offers it's own beauty. My Mom (akronstamperdpk) linked your blog to me and I've really enjoyed browsing around.


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