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Fashion photo taken at the Minnesota State Fair

Hi!  My name is Amy and I am a fifty-something lifestyle blogger that writes about paper-crafting, gardening, decorating, fashion, and travel with an occasional recipe thrown in every now and then.

I started blogging eight years ago to share my favorite hobby…paper-crafting, and I discovered I really loved to write and correspond with people all over the world.  Since then, I began to share many of my other interests.

Some of my paper-crafting projects:  a card, and two tea bag holders/gift sets

 I use to work full-time as a manager for an arts and crafts store, but retired two years ago to have a higher quality life with my husband who I have been married to for the past thirty years.  We have two adult children, both musicians, and one son-in-law, that are the pride and joy of our lives!  And we were just blessed with a new addition to our family:  a baby granddaughter named Alethea!  What everyone has ever told me about grand parenting is true;  I LOVE being a grandmother!

Hiking in Michigan
My Granddaughter Alethea

A year ago we added to our little family by adopting a kitten named Jackson.  He has brought so much love and happiness to our lives.  He makes me laugh every day!

Jackson at One Year

I live in a 100+ year old house in a rural area in the frigid north that my husband and I completely renovated ourselves over a ten year period.  We even added a huge sun room addition that doubled the square footage of our house and was also where our daughter got married.

Sunroom Addition decorated for daughter's wedding shower
I hate the winters, and live for spring and summer.  I love to flower garden, and enjoy all the little critters the hobby has brought into my yard, especially the birds!  Although, as much as I am enthralled with seeing wildlife through my windows,  it frustrates me to no end seeing the deer eat all my petunias!

A portion of my yard looking east with garden shed in foreground and sunroom of house in background
My fashion posts started about four years ago when I started to near my fifties and I wanted to update my wardrobe.  I began looking for new clothes and I was disappointed because I couldn't find any pictures of women my age in advertising;  even most of the fashion blogs were of women forty and under.  I decided that it was time for a change, for women my age to be noticed and not be 'invisible'.  If no one else was going to do it, then I was going to do it myself!  So with my husband's help, my fashion posts began and they continue to this day to be my most popular posts!

Fashion picture taken in my garden

Since our last child went off to college, my husband and I have been rediscovering each other and have found a renewed joy in our marriage.  As much as we enjoy spending time with our children, we have not experienced the empty-nest syndrome at all!  We love just being a couple again, having the house all to ourselves, and dating.  We absolutely love to travel, and try to take at least four or five vacations a year, plus what I call monthly 'adventures', which are day trips or weekend get-a-ways.  I love to share pictures of our vacations and talk about our 'adventures' with my readers.

Hiking in Perrot State Park, Wisconsin

And those are my interests, in a nutshell,  and what you will find most of my posts about.  If paper-crafting or flowers aren't your thing, don't worry, later that week there will also be a fashion or travel post.  Read what interests you, and skip over what doesn't!  I won't mind at all.  I just hope you find something to interest you.


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  1. I just subscribed to your blog. I love that you write about more than one topic!


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