Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Creative Bible Journaling - June Pages Part One

Come along with me each month as I journal my way through the Bible.  I'm not artistic at all, so you won't see beautiful illustrations and calligraphy, but what you will see is what I gleaned from the scriptures every day and how I creatively journaled what I have learned in the margins of my Inspire Bible.

It feels like it's about 100 degrees outside (in reality it's only 91 but us northerners aren't use to heat) so I'm taking a garden break and I am inside enjoying the air conditioning.  Normally I'd have garden veggies to process, but I couldn't even get out to my garden today to pick vegetables as I had an early morning appointment.  I say all this as an explanation of why I actually have a new blog post!  I had a few hours of extra time so I decided to sit down and write my monthly Bible Journaling post, even if it is few hours late.

I did a lot of Bible Journaling in the month of June and hardly any during the month of July since it was such a busy month;  so I decided rather than post twenty some photos this month, and only four photos next month, I'd just divide them up equally:  Hence the title "June Pages Part One".

I'm still working with all my ephemera from my new Illustrated Faith kit "Worthy of Worship" which I introduced last month in THIS POST.

This first page needs no explanation.  God is Great and He is worthy of Praise!

To make this page I adhered a piece of designer paper in the margin then stamped some images from the "Worthy of Worship" stamp kit in red onto the paper.  Everything else is ephemera from the same kit.  I hand wrote the Bible verse in.

David loved to sing and praise the Lord.  So many of our worship choruses today are excerpts from David's psalms.  

To make this page, I painted the background using craft paint, then I stamped some musical notes.  Using a combination of my own handwriting and stamps, I put the Bible verse in the margin.  I added the guitar ephemera from the kit for illustration.

In the book of Revelation we see an illustration of angels, peoples, and "every creature" praising God.  What a beautiful scene! I can hardly wait!

To make this page I adhered designer paper in the margin then I attached ephemera from the kit and wrote the Bible verse in the frame.  I added a little "reminder note" about the purposes of the tribulation.

This is a Bible verse I think either a lot of Christians don't know about, or forgot about.  Jesus said we just can't believe in Him to be His disciple, we must remain faithful to what He taught us.

To make this page I adhered designer paper in the margin and hand wrote the verse.  Then I adhered ephemera for decoration and emphasis of key point.

Sometimes churches can get so busy with activities they lose the main reason of their purpose:  the edifying and building up of other believers.  I think we need to step away from constantly trying to entertain because that always requires more volunteers who are already overwhelmed with full time jobs and families.  1 Timothy 4:13 is a good reminder of what churches should focus on.

To make this page I adhered designer paper in the margin, added ephemera for decoration, and hand wrote the scripture.

This next verse is part of a prayer of Jesus' for His disciples.  My Bible version (NLT) uses the word "Holy" for this verse, but other versions use the word "Sanctify" which means "set apart".    Jesus wanted us to be set apart from the corruption of this world and for God's special pleasure and use.  We become sanctified when we hear the Word of God and apply it to our lives.

To make this page I painted the margin with craft paint and added a few white dots for embellishment.  I used a combination of stamps and my own hand writing for the Bible verse.  I used die cuts and ephemera for decorations.

"Every word of God proves true":  ABSOLUTELY and Amen!  I find this so statement so true as I walk through life and examine world events and look at people's actions.  I think "Yep, the Bible has a lot to say about that" or "Yep, that's in the Bible!"  It's amazing to me that an ancient book is still so relevant in today's world...but it is!

To make this page I colored in the margin with craft paint, added ephemera for embellishment and used a combination of stamps for the Bible verse.

What a beautiful verse this next one is.  Did you know you can be confident in your prayers that God is listening to you?  He is, because it says in His word "HE HEARS" you!  

To make this page I painted the background and colored in the pre-printed page.  I hand wrote the Bible verse and added ephemera for embellishment.

Here is another awesome and comforting Bible verse about prayer.  God will answer us "Before they even call to me", while "still talking about their (our) needs", He will "go ahead and answer their (our) prayers".  Isn't that awesome?  I inserted the "our" in parenthesis so you know this means you too if you're a believer in Christ!

To make this page I colored in the background with craft paint added a little design of hearts and dots.  I hand wrote the Bible verse and added ephemera too.

So many great Bible verses about how God is listening to us!  Are you discouraged because you're feeling God isn't hearing your prayers?  Read these verses.  He hears you!  
The answer is on the way.

To make this page, I painted the background with craft paint and added a few white dots.  I used a combination of my own handwriting and stamps for the Bible verse and added ephemera for decoration.

And for my last page, a verse about gratitude.  Never forget to thank the Lord, for He is good!

To make this page I painted the background with craft paint then hand wrote the Bible verse using a few stamps to emphasis certain words.  I then added ephemera for decoration and emphasis of key points. 

 I hope my Bible Journaling pages encouraged you today!

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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  1. I am so inspired by these journaling pages! Love that guitar you drew and I adore the hearts on this last page.


    1. Thanks Kathrine. I didn't draw the guitar, it's just a piece of ephemera.

  2. These are all beautiful, and were very uplifting this morning!

  3. Oh this is so creative! How talented you are!

    Allie of

  4. Such great work Amy. You've highlighted such great inspirational quotes!

  5. What beautiful pages! I've read many of the Psalms over and over again (139 is my all-time favorite). But, I don't think I've ever read the entire book of Psalms. I like to look at your photos to see what you've highlighted and commented on. Thank you for sharing this post in the Talent-Sharing Tuesdays Link-Up 69.

    1. Thanks so much, Psalms is one of my favorite books of the Bible.

  6. Amy what beautiful June Bible journaling pages. I always look forwaed to seeing how God inspires your studies and creativity.
    Visiting today from SSPS 272 #137&138.

  7. Thank you for sharing your links with us at #272 SSPS Linky. See you again next week.

  8. Our church spent a number of Sundays on a series called Fear NOT. The foundation of much of the messages was found in Isaiah. Have been very encouraged by this study. And of course your Bible journaling is always uplifting and encouraging. I have a tab open to check out Illustrated Faith. Thank you for sharing them with us. Also, one question...what kind of adhesive do you use for your ephemera?

    1. That sounds like a great sermon series that I'd love to hear. The world is getting to be a scary place. I use a glue called "Fabric Tac" for all my paper crafting and bible journaling projects. It acts like a hot glue gun, but it isn't. It doesn't bubble up the paper like a lot of glues do.

  9. Thank you. Will look for Fabric Tac. I have some fabric glue but I don't think it is that brand. Would like to add scrapbook paper, die cuts and other goodies to my Bible journaling but had no idea how to do so. Thanks again.


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