Sunday, June 27, 2021

June Blooms

This post is coming with a warning...lots, and lots of photos!  I apologize in advance.  In the past, I always divided my garden posts into three posts a month:  early, mid, and late.  This year I decided to do just one garden post a month, but I don't think it's gonna work as there are too many things in bloom to take pictures of to fit it all into one post.  So next month...back to "early, mid, and late".  In the mean time, bear with me on a very long post and hopefully all the pictures will load for you in a timely matter.

The June Garden is always so beautiful as the garden really fills in.  In May, the garden is quite sparse, as things slowly come to life,  but in June, everything is up and usually lush and green!

June is the month for Iris, Peonies, Foxgloves, Lilacs, and so much more.  First lets see all the Iris that bloomed this month.

I have so much Siberian Iris in my yard.  It's so prolific, if you don't dead head the blooms they go to seed and spread everywhere.  I really need to dig a lot of this Iris up and toss it over the fence this year.  It's a pretty flower, and I love the foliage even when it isn't in bloom, I just have too much of it.

Siberian Iris

This is such a pretty lavender Iris.  I think this is the only lone Iris of this color that I have.

My yellow bearded Iris is the most prolific of all the bearded Iris in my yard.  I have way too much of this color too and need to thin it out.

Here you can see how the yellow Iris fills my top garden.

I have Lamin in front of it along with some wild Columbine.

Here is a close up of the Wild Columbine.  I absolutely love this plant.  It is so beautiful.  The hardest part is NOT deadheading the flowers till it goes to seed.  If you dead head too soon you won't have flowers next year, but it's hard resisting the urge to tidy up the garden.

The same garden taken from the opposite side.

I have a small pond in the upper part of this garden.  There is more Siberian Iris near the pond, with the yellow bearded Iris in the background.

And here is a side view of the top garden looking down into the yard.  I have a border of wild ferns growing along the path.

The next most prolific Iris in my yard is this stunning purple bearded Iris.  It has a beautiful fragrance too. That is a Vibernum bush on the left.  The two bloom at the same time and look so pretty together.

A close up of one of the blooms on the Vibernum bush.

And my favorite Iris of all is this pretty "blue" one.  

Foxglove is one of my favorite flowers because it grows in shade, which I have a lot of, and it's also poisonous so the deer won't eat it.  The only problem with Foxglove is it is a biennial so I never know how many Foxglove blooms I'm gonna get year to year, and it also reseeds EVERYWHERE so I never know what area of the yard I am gonna have Foxglove flowers.  However, it is very easy to dig up the Foxglove plants when they are babies and move them to where I want them to grow.  It just gets kinda tiring doing that all the time, as I find baby Foxglove plants everywhere.

This year the Foxglove really took over one of my shade gardens (above picture) and I only had a few in my top sun garden (pictured below).

They are the prettiest plants and the bees just love them.  I love how the bees go deep inside the blooms.

Clustered Bellflower

I have such a love/hate relationship with Peonies.  The love part?  The blooms! Are there any other flowers that has such gorgeous blooms?  The hate part?  They are done blooming way to soon.  I mean, three days, and they are toast.  It's so sad they don't bloom longer.

Here are all my peony plants:

And I have no idea what happened to this peony plant this year.  I only got TWO blooms out of it.  It's a very old plant too.

One of my favorite peonies:  a single white peony.

This year we had a late spring frost, so my lilacs did not do as well as they have in the past.  One bush had every single one of it's blooms dry up and die.  It was so sad.  You wait all year for something to bloom, and then a frost kills it all.

The lilac bush next to the shed still bloomed this year.

I was happy to see blooms on this little daisy.  Last year a deer ate all my blooms!  For whatever reason, the deer have not been eating out of my top garden and are staying lower in my yard eating everything down there.

Here you can see the daisy in the foreground with the large single pink peony in the background.

The late spring frost was hard on the Hostas and the Bleeding Hearts too.  The plants in this garden did well because they were in a shaded part of the yard, but the ones that were in a sunnier part came up too early were all nipped by the frost ruining the foliage and killing the blooms,

Yellow Primrose

Lamin and Cushion Spurge

My Favorite Viburnum Bush.  It grows in deep shade so well.

An Endless Summer Hydrangea which is supposed to be blue, but it blooms pink in my yard.

Below is the same Hydrangea seen in a farther away shot.

A view of the yard as seen from the neighbors yard.  A lot of green, I know.  Hopefully we will be seeing more color soon!

This is what I call "The Septic Mound Garden".  The kidney shape, is actually our septic mound.  Hubby didn't want to mow it as the mound was quite steep so I turned it into a garden.  It is mostly filled with wild day lilies which I hope will one day take over the whole garden so I won't have to maintain it so much.  The deer are merciless with this garden, as it's low in the yard right next to the woods.  It's pointless trying to have nice plants even grow in this garden as the deer are constantly nibbling in it.

A very old, and old fashioned clematis.  What clematis used to look like before they improved the plants and made all the different varieties they have today.

Here's a farther away shot of the Clematis growing up the trellis.

This is a Spiderwort.  I'm never quite sure if I like this plant or not, but it's growing on the septic mound and the deer don't seem to bother it, so it stays for now.

Lynchis is a biennial that drives me crazy because it has a mind of it's own where it wants to reseed.  Plus it has spindly little stems that get knocked over the first rainstorm.  However, I do love it's pretty pink blooms and the silver foliage.

This is the only Lupine I got to see this year as the deer ate the blooms off all my other Lupine plants.

Here you can see another Lilac bush that did bloom this year along with another view of the septic mound garden.

Blue perennial geraniums.

And below is the white perennial geraniums.  They form a nice mounded bush year round.

A close up of the white perennial geraniums.

Ornamental onions.

A close up of one of the ornamental onion flower heads.

We lost a tree this year.  It just died, and we don't know the reason.  Hubby chopped it down then he bought me this planter to set on top of it.  

The Asiatic Lilies are just starting to bloom as I write this post.  Here is a peach one:

This is Loosestrife, which has been a problem plant for me in the past.  I always had a pest that came and ate it making it miserable looking, but that pest seems to have disappeared, because the past few years it has done so well.  It seems to be so happy growing under the shade of this lilac bush.

This is Dames Rocket.  You will often see this plant growing on the sides of the road in the spring.  It's a biennial, reseeds everywhere, and you never have any idea where it will pop up from year to year.  But it's a nice plant to have in the garden because it blooms at a time when not much else is in bloom.

I had to move my poppies last year when we put in our vegetable garden.  I was happy that I still got at least one or two blooms this year.

And I know you've seen pictures of my vegetable garden from the inside (if you haven't, check out this post HERE and HERE), but this is what it looks like from the outside.  The garden is right off our house, making it so easily accessible if I want to grab a few things for dinner.  Because we have huge animal control problems (deer, rabbits, coons, and woodchucks) it is completely fenced in.  I promise I will back with a tour of the vegetable garden soon!

And finally, I leave you with a picture of this sweet bumble bee enjoying one of the blooms from a Lamin plant.  The bees absolutely love this ground cover.

 Well if you hung with me till the end, congratulations!  I promise, next month I will divide up the posts so they are not so long.

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Gosh Amy, this is not only amazing but such a beautiful example of mother nature. How much time do you spend out there working on it??

    1. Thank you! If the weather is good, about 5 or 6 hours a day. I can't take the heat anymore, so I get up early and garden usually from 7:00 a.m to noon, then I'm done for the day.

    2. Needless to say, I don't exercise in summer. ha-ha. Gardening is my exercise. I only exercise in the winter.

  2. Your June garden is so beautiful! I've been planting several things last spring/summer and really loved my snowball bushes this spring (thanks to your past garden posts I planted those). I had also purchased 4 Hydrangeas (all at clearance prices so they weren't very expensive), sadly only one of them is blooming this year but at least they all survived. (Maybe next year more will bloom!).
    Your blue Irises are gorgeous! And I wish I had a few poppies!

    Looking forward to your vegetable garden pictures!

    1. Thanks Ellie. Usually when a plant is on clearance it's because it's late in the season so your hydrangeas probably didn't have enough time to set roots. I'm sure they will bloom next year once they have a full season to establish a good root system.

  3. And all of the photos are so very beautiful. Very nice.

  4. What amazing gardens you have!! Our peony plant has yet to have a single bloom or flower this year despite looking lush and green... I have no idea why but I figure I didn't kill it so I'll just leave it be and hope it blooms either late in the season or next year I guess. I know hydrangeas will bloom pink if the soil isn't acidic enough. I didn't realize so many plants reseeded themselves (like Iris; which I love but haven't planted anywhere).

    1. Thank you. Good to know about your peony. That is so bizarre that mine would produce only 2 flowers and your's none. I'd just leave it alone as you said. Only the Siberian Iris reseeds itself.

  5. Don't apologize for sharing your abundant photo collection from your abundant garden!

  6. What a gorgeous yard and flowers in so abundance. Our Iris didn't last very long because of a heat wave...and yours are absolutely gorgoeus! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you. Hmm, I wonder if that's what happened to my peonies. They didn't last long at all.

  7. Your yard is GORGEOUS!!! And I have deer nibbling at my plants too... feeling your pain there. My husbands favorite flower is the iris.. he would go nuts over yours!!!

    1. Thank you! Isn't it awful? I'm glad I have someone who understands. I love the deer, but they do so much damage.

  8. I love all of the flower pics, they are really beautiful and I love the way that you take time and appreciate nature! Catherine aka

    1. Thank you so much. That is so sweet. I really love nature and find such comfort and joy in my yard.

  9. I always enjoy seeing your flower gardens, it all looks so pretty! You definitely have a green thumb! Thanks so much for linking up with me at the Unlimited Link Party 29. Pinned!

  10. It is just beautiful, like having your own botanical gardens! Do you get a lot of mosquitoes and bugs or can you enjoy being outside?

    1. Thank you! Yes, the size makes it seem like my own botanical gardens or park. It can be overwhelming at times. Yes, we have lots of mosquitoes and bugs. They are terrible because we live right above a river, waterfall, and woods. This year wasn't so bad because it has been so hot and dry, but now it rained a lot so they have arrived. I have to spray myself with DEET every time I go into the garden. I worry about the chemicals, but getting bit up by mosquitoes or ticks can lead to other diseases so "choose your poison". I try to put the DEET only on my clothes, and as little on my skin when possible.

  11. Wow.. so many beautiful blowers.

  12. What a beautiful garden and outdoor, home environment! I so appreciate people with green thumbs and their willingness to use their talents!

    Coming to you from the Spread the Kindness link up.

  13. As far as I am concerned, you need never apologize for a photo-heavy post with pictures from your garden. Oh, my goodness. With every photo, I had a new favorite flower!! Those peonies are so showy and bright. Kind of cool that the dead tree is still a part of the garden with that potted plant resting on the stump. Seeing your lilies reminded me that mine never bloomed this year. I think our crazy weather kept a lot of things from blooming would they normally would have. And we just had baby birds hatch a few weeks ago. Very late in the season. Thank you for sharing your paradise with us.

    1. The weather sure has been crazy everywhere. We had a late frost, resulting in a few things not blooming or getting burned. Then we had a record cold spell followed by a record heat wave. It was insane! I lost a few things. Thanks so much.

  14. Loved all the beautiful flowers! I have a brown thumb so gardening posts are always so dreamy.
    Saw this on TTA. Hope you'll link up on our party too. It's called Farmhouse Friday and we'd love to see you there.

    1. Thank you! And thanks for inviting me to your link up. I'm looking for new ones since so many are blogs are stopping link ups now.

  15. Beautiful place and the most gorgeous flowers :) Thanks for joining us #TheWeekendLinkUp

  16. Wow, Amy, what a beautiful garden! You are a very skilled gardner as evidenced by these photos! I really like your fountain as well. And planting a garden atop your sceptic mound is absolute brilliance! Turning a rather mundane (and kind of gross) thing into a thing of a beauty is remarkable! Thanks for sharing and linking with me.


  17. OMGosh what a gorgeous place.

  18. Wow ! Loved plethora of blooms, I enjoyed every bit of your post. Thanks for sharing with Garden Affair.

  19. CONGRATS! Your post is FEATURED at my Unlimited Link Party 30!


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