Sunday, April 2, 2017

Master Bedroom Big Reveal!

I am so excited to finally share my Master Bedroom Big Reveal!   Waaaaay back in January we started redecorating our Master bedroom.  I did three posts on the renovation process:

We were actually finished with the construction/painting part of the renovation in early February but it took me FOREVER to find the right decor for the room.  So I apologize for taking so long to share the big reveal, but without further ado,  HERE IT IS!

To say my husband and I are absolutely thrilled with our room would be an understatement.  We just loved the way it turned out.  It is clean, simple, modern, open, and romantic.

Let's walk through the room now, as I describe every nook and cranny.

This is the view from the hallway.  As you can see, there is a nice open path from the doorway, all around the bed, and to the windows.  We figured this was the last time we would ever renovate this room in our lifetime, so we tried to keep old age in mind when we designed the space.  As we get older, we won't have to worry about obstructions when we get up at night to use the bathroom in the dark.  There is no furniture to trip over.

To the left just as you enter the bedroom is a small sitting area.  There I have a lovely grey chair that I purchased at TJMaxx for $100.  Above the chair is a round mirror that I also picked up from TJMaxx for $20.00.  On the other wall is a painting of a city scene from Home Goods ($40.00)

The chair is absolutely gorgeous, and what a deal for only $100.  It has a lovely curved back, wooden legs, and silver studs below the seat.

Next to the chair and bed is my nightstand.  I placed a small artificial flower arrangement on the nightstand to bring some romance in the room.  I purchased it on clearance at TJMaxx for $8.00

My nightstand lamps were the hardest items to find.  I finally scored these beauties for $39.00 each at Ross.

They are a mix of beautiful faceted crystal bulbs and silver.  The crystal brings so much elegance into the room, and the silver ties in with the silver studs on the chair and bed beautifully.

The lampshades have this nice, little extra detail of lines in them that I really like.

I always keep a glass of water on my nightstand at night, so I placed this cute coaster on top to protect my nightstand surface.

This canvas painting is absolutely gorgeous in real life.  It has layers of paint which adds more texture and interest to the room.  The colors also go beautifully and I love the tad of turquoise too;  it brings an element of surprise to an otherwise monochromatic room.  The cityscape picture also fits well with the Modern Industrial theme of the bedroom.

The mirror was purchased mainly for architectural interest.  I thought it was absolutely gorgeous and that the silver would coordinate nicely with all the other silver in the room.  It really can't be used for viewing one's reflection as it has to be hung quite high on the wall due to the paneling below it.

In the center of the room is our new upholstered bed.  We bought it from Ashley Furniture for $398.00.

The bed currently has our winter bedding on it.  In the summer I will replace the down comforter with a thin white  quilt.

One of the main features that attracted me to this bed other than the tufting were the silver studs on the sides of the bed.

I always like to keep a throw on the bed because sometimes I like to lay down during the day and I don't want to mess up the bed.  With a throw I can lay right on top of the made bed, and just cover myself with the throw.  This beautiful, luxurious grey fox throw came from Home Goods for $40.00

I already owned a down feather comforter, but I needed a new duvet cover to match the room (plus my old one was twenty years old and was really starting to show it's age.).  I picked up this pretty duvet cover and shams at TJMaxx for $40.00.  I love the modern geometric design.

Well what's a master bedroom without a little romance, right?  I couldn't help buying this cute sequin "love" pillow at TJMaxx for only $14.99.  Is it perfect for the room or not?

Behind the "love" pillow I put this glamorous shag fur pillow.  It was also purchased at TJMaxx for $20.00.   It has really pretty sparkles in it too.

A soft, light grey chenille blanket covers our bed.  I bought it at Home Goods for $40.00.  This is usually all we need during the warmer season and most nights.  The feather down comforter sits at our feet for those extra cold winter days.

And here is the view of the room if you were laying in bed.  The opposite wall has a cubby storage unit, a dresser with a new flat screen smart t.v., and a small closet.

My husband built the cubby unit mostly to hide a ceiling flaw next to our chimney.  We purchased these lovely grey fabric bins at Menard's (a home improvement store for those of you who live in the part of the United States that doesn't have them) for $10.00 each.  I store socks, hosiery, scarves, and flip flops in them.

I'm still looking for an artificial plant to put in this corner.  I've been looking for months, but I can't find anything I like, so in the meantime I put this straw basket that holds extra blankets inside instead.   When I do find the plant, I will move this basket over to the wall where the chair is.

The dresser and nightstands are Sauder Furniture;  it is inexpensive furniture that you assemble yourself.  We absolutely love the look and the price of these pieces.  My husband said that they were quite difficult to put together though (and he build a house in his lifetime!) so they may not be for everyone.  The dresser cost around $185 and the nightstands were $65 each.  They were purchased from Menard's.

I really wanted to be able to cozy up in bed at night and watch a little t.v.  Watching t.v. helps me wind down and fall asleep better than if I just go straight to bed.  So we bought a new flat screen Smart t.v.  to place on top of our dresser.

To the left of the dresser is the closet.  My husband picked up this gorgeous mirror at Menard's for only $60.00 because it had a chip on it.

The last remaining wall in the room has two huge windows on it.  The bedroom is three stories up so it has a beautiful view of the bluffs in the distance and my garden below.  Because we do not have any privacy issues and I don't work nights anymore which required heavy drapes to keep the sun out, we went with simple dark grey panels.  They cost $8.99 each from Menard's.

The panels have silver grommets so they do slide nicely across if I do ever need to close them.  The material has a lovely, elegant sheen to it.

And here is a partial view out my window.  That is my garden shed pictured below with the bluffs in the distance.

On the window wall is another painting.  This one I picked up at TJMaxx for $29.99.  It is also a textured painting;  the edges of the flower petal are raised up.  It has pretty sheen to it in real life.  The colors are different mixes of grey and it's in an modern silver frame.

I absolutely love the covered, padded side rails of my bed.  The mattress sits so nicely inside, there is no need for a box spring (although my husband added a board on top of the rails that came with the bed).   I like how clean and finished the bed looks with the rails.  It's also easy to make the bed, because you just tuck the sheets and blanket inside the rail.

We loved our new laminate flooring so much we didn't want to cover it up with a large rug.  So I bought two of these cute fur rugs from TJMaxx for only $14.99 each.  I place one on either side of the bed.  Now when we put our bare feet down on the floor in the morning, they touch these furry, cozy rugs instead of a cold floor.

My ceiling light fixture was one of my favorite finds for the room.  It really fits the Modern Industrial look we were going for in the room.  I bought it at Menard's for $55.00

This is the view of the room if you were sitting in the corner chair.

And here is an aerial view of the bed and nightstands.

Finally, I included a ten minute video where I walk through the room and explain each piece.  It also helps give you an idea of the scale of the room.

Here is a break down of the cost of our Master Bedroom Renovation.  

Faux Brick Paneling:              $100.00
Laminate Wood Flooring:      $500.00
Trim and Moulding:               $100.00
Smart TV:                               $400.00
Ceiling Texture:                       $20.00                  
 Paint:                                       $80.00                                   
Lighting:                                 $135.00
Furniture:                               $815.00
Rugs:                                        $30.00
Drapes:                                     $27.00
Wall Decor:                               $90.00
Wall Mirror:                              $60.00
Bedding:                                  $155.00
Table Decor:                                $8.00

Total Cost:                               $2520.00

Even though that still seems like a lot of money for a room renovation, we really kept the costs down by doing all our own labor and shopping at discount stores like TJMaxx.

Be sure to check out my previous posts linked in the first paragraph of this post if you'd like to see what the room looked like before the renovation.

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. You master bedroom turned out fabulous, Amy! I really like the color scheme!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  2. It's absolutely stunning, Amy! I love every nook and cranny. You can tell each item was chosen with love. What a fun way to showcase invite us into your room and show us around. Great video too!

  3. It turned out beautifully! I love the bed and really wanted to get one of those too, but sadly my cats would most likely try sharpening their claws on the fabric :( So we need to stick with wood. The lamps look gorgeous and also loving the pretty chair in the corner. You have a wonderful view of the woods!

    1. Thanks Elli! The upholstered bed was a concern of mine too as Jackson is not declawed. I will admit when we first brought the bed home he tried numerous times to claw at it and was successful at clawing up the top too! For the first few weeks I had to keep the door shut so he couldn't get in the room. But after a few scoldings and training with his scratching post, he has left the bed alone.

  4. Amy this is fantastic! Iv'e been waiting for the big reveal and you didn't dissapoint at all! Absolutely gorgeous, I love it all. Especially the bed. xx

  5. How gorgeous! I love that mirror! Such a beautiful room, I think I'd stay in it all day!

    1. Thank Ruth! It's hard for me to leave this room, I do want to spend all day in it!

  6. Oh I do love the view out of your windows! And your makeover turned out great! I had seen lamps with the glass balls before, but not ones like these that look like cut glass. So glamorous.
    :) gwingal

    1. Thank you! My husband's favorite part of the room is taking the old drapes down. He loves the open window with the view. But I needed the heavy drapery we had before because I worked a lot of late nights (sometimes all night) and needed to block the light out so I could sleep. But now I don't work outside the home anymore so I could say "bye-bye" to the drapes and "hello" to the view!

  7. I've been longing for your reveal pics. What a great job. It's so serene and fresh. I love the thought you've put into every detail in the finishing.. I particularly like your idea of keeping the duvet folded at the bottom, just having the blanket for nightime in warmer months and keeping a rug for daytime snoozes - all of those touches fit with my sleeping habits! I'm off to watch the video now ...

    1. Oh, thanks so much. I'm happy you noticed how every piece was thoughtfully was!

  8. How restful and romantic! I love the contrast in textures. The linear design to the lamp shades against the smooth crystal balls on the base of the lamps. The fur, the glossy walls, the shine in the round mirror, the embossed look to the flower painting. So much loveliness. Enjoy!!

    1. Thanks so much! We are enjoying our new room so much. It's so comfortable!

  9. Wow, this is so lovely, Amy. I enjoyed reading all about where you found everything and how it all works together beautifully. Fabulous budget remodel! I wish we had a Menard's in our area, as they sound like a great place for deals. I don't know how I missed this post earlier.

    1. Thanks Jennie! Menards needs to go south and east! They are mostly in the midwest and they are starting to expand west too.


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