Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dolmen Sleeves and the Versatility of Skirts over Dresses

Hello!  Last week many of you stated that you like to see repeat outfits worn different ways, so I decided for this week's mid-week fashion post I would show you another repeat.  The skirt I'm wearing below I purchased last year from J.C.Penney and you can see it how I styled it HERE.  In that post, I wore a metallic silver sweater with the same skirt.  For today's look, I stuck with the neutrals and wore a black sweater, changed out the necklace and tights, and kept the same boots.  

 The sweater is a dolmen sleeve sweater that I picked up from Express over a year ago.  A lot of women don't like dolmen sleeves, but I find they are very flattering for my figure and I own several dolmen sleeve tops.  This sweater also drapes around the midsection nicely creating more of a waistline for a straight figure such as mine.
 My husband thought it was so funny that I wanted my pictures taken by his woodpile.  I usually complain about his huge stack of wood because it blocks the beautiful view of my neighbors yard which has a historic round barn on it.  People come from all over just to photograph this barn, and I could look at it everyday if it wasn't for this giant woodpile in the way!  LOL!  But, I thought it made such an interesting backdrop, doesn't it?

I changed my long necklace out to a solid silver one because the necklace in the first outfit had some black in it which wouldn't show up against the black sweater.
 In the original photograph I have opaque black tights on, but I switched to a light grey cable knit tight because I thought it would be too much black with the top and boots.
 My boots are from last season, and were purchased at Famous Footwear.  They have a little bit of a heel to them so they are still comfortable to walk in, and they have a cute little bow on the sides.
 My other jewelry included my Christmas gift from my husband:  my treasured Pandora ring, silver hoop earrings,  and a black and silver bracelet.
 And on my other hand I wore my wedding ring, and a little pinkie ring I picked up at Old Navy for less than $5.00.  Every time I'm in a clothing store, I always check out their jewelry;  especially their clearance jewelry.  You never know what treasure you will find, and it's a great way of building your jewelry collection.  There's three things I feel no woman can ever have too much of :  scarves, shoes, and jewelry!  No matter how much I have of these three items, I'm always searching through my stash to find the perfect 'one' to complete my outfit.
Looking back on these pictures, I think I prefer the outfit with the grey sweater, but it is still nice to wear the skirt a little differently to create a new outfit.  That's the nice thing about skirts over dresses;  they are far more versatile.

So what about you?  Which outfit do you like better?  And what do you think about dolmen sleeves?  Would you wear a top with dolmen sleeves?  I'd love to hear from you!

Have a great day!  Amy

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  1. Love this great skirt, Amy! Such a great pattern and colors. I have nothing against dolmen sleeves, but don't think I actually own any. Might just have to remedy that. Wonderful winter look and I like your woodpile background. :) Now I want to see this round barn sometime!

  2. I love that skirt! I love prints and that zig zag is cute.

  3. That top is totally flattering on you, Amy! It's funny, I do really like the look of dolman sleeve tops and have even tried a couple on but for some reason I haven't purchased any! I have no idea why. But your outfit came together perfectly and the woodstack makes for a nice backdrop! LOL.
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  4. Another superb look ! This skirt is beautiful !

  5. What a great zig zag skirt and that necklace is beautiful! Thank you for linking up with SHOE AND TELL on Style Nudge!!



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