Friday, April 4, 2014

Fashion Over Fifty: Wearing Metallic and Denim on Denim

Hello!  This week's Fashion Over Fifty post covers two new trends right now:  metallics, and wearing denim on denim.  I have to admit, metallics have always scared me a bit.  Although I like to look well dressed, I don't want to  stand out, and metallics always seem a little 'flashy' for my taste.  But I did want to jump on the metallic trend a little bit, so I did it in small doses:  metallic shoes!  I also have a metallic jacket that my husband bought for me last year.  Funny how my unfashionable husband was a year ahead of the trends and didn't even know it.   I have to admit, when I first opened his present, I was a bit mortified.  I didn't want to hurt the guys feelings, I mean, he rarely buys me clothing so I didn't want to discourage him, but I thought "Could I really ever wear this?".   The jacket hung in my closet for awhile, but eventually I figured out how to style it (thanks Pinterest!), and I not only wore it, but I grew to like it.  Now every time I put it on, a smile comes across my husband face and he says 'Ooooh, your wearing my jacket.'.  Thank goodness, I didn't return it.  It makes him happy to see me wear it.

Besides metallics, wearing denim on denim,  the big no-no for years, is now fashionable.  There are really no rules anymore for wearing denim head to toe.  I like to wear different shades or colors of denim to break it up a bit, but I've seen lots of pictures with people wearing the same shade of denim from head to toe.  

Pictured below I am wearing a pullover denim shirt from Old Navy and pin stripe denim ankle skinny jeans from a.n.a.  I love this outfit because it screams 'Spring', yet is still warm enough for the cooler temperatures.
 I wore this outfit to church (I did not have to sing on our worship team that day, so I felt I could dress a bit more casual), and I also recently wore it shopping with a friend.  There I am pictured below with all my goodies.  My friend thought it was so funny that I bought so much in one day, but I reassured that I don't do this all the time,  I just rarely have time to go and spend an entire day at a mall so I need to take advantage of it.  That excuse didn't last long when the salesperson at Famous Footwear said 'hello' and remembered me from a previous visit.   Ooops!   Well, I don't often have the luxury of spending an entire DAY at the mall, but I do like to pop into my favorite shoe store between shifts a lot!   What can I say, they are the type of store that constantly gets new items in weekly!
 Here is the metallic jacket my husband bought for me.
 Here is a close up of the pin stripe in my skinny jeans.   I love these jeans!  The narrow vertical stripe makes your legs look skinnier, and they add a lot more interest to an otherwise bland outfit.
 These were my one of my new purchases I made when shopping with my friend.  They are metallic silver shoes by Madden Girl.  I got them at Younkers.  They are so comfortable.  I love how I can integrate the metallic trend as a fifty something woman, in a way that works for me:  flat, comfortable loafers!
 I bought this statement necklace on the same shopping day with my friend.  I bought it from a little jewelry boutique called 'Icing'.  The bracelet is old, I think I bought it from a craft store.  I love how big jewelry like this can take a casual outfit up a notch, don't you?  One minute, I look like an old housewife, and all I have to do is add a glamorous statement necklace, and wa-la, I'm ready to face the world!
Have a great and fashionable day!  Amy


  1. This is a delightful outfit, Amy! I really enjoy your blog, especially the over 50 segments. It's great to see how someone my age makes fashion so fun.
    Your husband did great with the jacket, too! I had a similar experience once. When I finally wore the jacket my husband gave me I couldn't believe all the compliments I got, lol.

  2. Love this outfit and also the statement is the perfect addition to the look! Very pretty!

  3. Another great post on the over 50 fashion! Love the denim jeans and the jacket from your husband. I have not tried on any skinny jeans yet, a little scared of what I will see:O)!

  4. Amy I think a little flashy did you a lot of good as you look GREAT in this post. <3 I LOVE your whole outfit, including the jacket your hubby picked out for you. I agree that there is no more rules in fashion, and this surely applies to all over denim. I also prefer the denim mix you did to same color denim head to toe. Yours look more interesting, and horizontal stripes add texture to the outfit. I can obviously write a novel about this here haha, liked your look that much for a casual chic day. :) Great job lovely lady! XOXO, Elif


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