Friday, March 7, 2014

Fashion Over Fifty: Dressing Up the Basics

Hello!  This week's Fashion Over Fifty post is all about how to take those basic items you might have in your wardrobe and dress them up a bit.  You know you all have them hanging in your closet:  the classic black pants that never go out of style and a standard button down shirt.  Well I wanted to wear this old teal satiny shirt from Express but I felt it needed just a little 'oomph' than wearing it alone.  So I added a sequin tank underneath with a black lace cami underneath that.  The sequin tank is kind of loose in my chest, that's why I added the lace cami.  I also thought it brought a little more interest to the outfit than just the tank alone and the black color tied in with the black pants quite nicely.

 For jewelry I wore a silver peacock feather with a blue stone inside of it.
 The shirt has a nice little gathering and tie detail in the back.  My only problem with this shirt, is I've washed it according to instructions and I've never been able to get the wrinkles out so it looks like new. Any ideas anyone?  I might toss this shirt this spring if no one is able to offer any suggestions, because I've ironed it to death, and still can't get the wrinkles out.
 I wore a classic wool trench coat with a fur collar for my outwear and I carried a leopard print clutch.
 I have to show you the only designer clothing item I own:  a pair of Michael Kors gloves.  Aren't they beautiful?  My daughter gave these to me for Christmas, and I actually CRIED when I opened the box and realized what they were.  Can you believe that?  I said, 'Oh my goodness, I can't believe I own something by Michael Kors!'.  My tears weren't for shallow, materialistic reasons, but because not only did my daughter know me well enough to know what I would like, but she actually LISTENED to me.  When Ashley and I were in Chicago this past fall, we saw a Michael Kors store and we looked at all his beautiful purses in the window (I was too timid to go inside, because I knew I could never afford anything ).  I remember telling her that he was my absolutely favorite designer and I found everything he created to be a work a art;  and even though I would probably never own anything he made in my lifetime, I still like to just look and admire his beautiful creations.  Well she obviously was listening, because this was my gift.  I will treasure them forever!
 I am one happy momma blessed with thoughtful, kind, generous, children.
Have a great day!  Amy


  1. What a beautiful outfit Amy, love that teal colored shirt and how you layered it. I hope you will be able to figure out how to get those wrinkles out. Did you try ironing it while it is damp? I've also heard about using starch.
    And yes the gloves are beautiful, how thoughtful of your daughter to get those for you!

  2. You are a very blessed mama! Love peacock blue with leopard, one of my favorite combinations.

  3. Love the outfit, don't know that to say about the wrinkles,maybe try the cleaners or just give it to Good Will. The gloves are magnificent!!


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