Thursday, December 12, 2013

Jewelry Storage

Hello!  Still no crafty paper crafting creations from me today.  Although I FINALLY had two days off and spent them entirely at home, it was catch-up day for me:  I did loads and loads of laundry, took down the fall decorations, watered the plants, and addressed all my Christmas Cards. Now that everything is done, maybe on my next day off, I can actually play in my craft room again.  For today's post I wanted to show you some pictures of how I store my ever increasing and massive amounts of jewelry.  I love jewelry and even though I have tons of it, I never seem to have just the right piece that's just the right length, color, or style for my outfit, so I end up collecting more and more all the time.  It's all cheap, costume jewelry;  I don't think I have spent more than $20.00 on any piece, and a lot of it I made myself. Anyway, as my collection of jewelry increased, I started running out of space to store it. I started with the simple brown upright jewelry box in the photo below.  When that filled up, I bought the pretty ivory iron display stand that's next to it.  But then I ran into the problem where a lot of jewelry was too long to fit in a jewelry box or on a small stand, so I started hanging it over the mirror in my room.  Now your probably wondering, what does my husband think of all this.  You know, he actually likes it, and he is a very manly man!  He thinks it's very creative and it all adds to the vintage charm of the room.

 My collection of long necklaces draped over the mirror really started to grow on me, and I thought, 'You know, pretty jewelry is like little works of art, they should be displayed to look at and admire all the time….not just shut up in a drawer only to be seen when worn.'  Plus, it was so nice to have my things out where could see them when trying to choose which pieces to wear.  So often I'd forget what I even owned when they were hidden away,  only to discover them months later and say to myself  'Oh, I forgot about this!'
 When choosing what to hang where, I picked 'like' items when grouping.   This is my collection of silver and pearls necklaces.
 Well eventually I ran out of room on my mirror and I saw this idea on Pinterest.  It's an old weathered board with vintage glass knobs.  I showed the picture to my husband and he made me one.  It needs about three more knobs though so I will keep on the look out for them when shopping.
 We hung the board under our wedding photos.
 My husband bought this jewelry stand as a Christmas Gift for me several years ago.  It's very large, and I do like it, but again, my really long necklaces don't fit in it, and things tend to get 'lost' in the drawers. So I keep things I don't wear very much in this cabinet.
 I recently found this vintage frame that has a screen in it for hanging earrings at Hobby Lobby. I absolutely LOVE it!  It's perfect for displaying delicate bangle earrings.
 I probably wear bracelets more than any other type of jewelry so when I saw this jewelry display stand I knew it would be perfect for my collection.   It is made primarily for people who sell jewelry to display their creations. I love how the sun comes inside the room in the morning and hits all the gems and shoots a rainbow of light around the room.  The black velvet necklace stand is also a display for jewelry sellers, but I use it to display a necklace that constantly gets twisted up if I just leave it hanging from a knob or hook. It takes a long time to untangle it, so I just leave it on the display stand where it never gets tangled.
I really love how all my jewelry adds glamour and romance to my bedroom and fits in so well with the vintage decor of my 100+ year old home.  And I'm grateful to a husband who's masculinity isn't threatened by all this girly stuff draped all over his bedroom.

Have a great day! Amy


  1. Great ideas, Amy! Thanks for the tips!

  2. I especially like the silver frame with the wire for your earrings. Earrings I find get lost in drawers and I am forever looking for the ones I want to wear, can be frustrating. Lots of good ideas in this post!

  3. Wow, Amy, you have a lot of jewelry! Love how you displayed it. Really gives the room a vintage feel to it with the beautiful colors. Glad your hubby likes it, mine would like it too, as he likes all things vintage and antique.

  4. these are some great ideas for storing jewelry!


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