Friday, August 30, 2013

Fashion Over Fifty: Inspiration Photos

Hello!  Today's Fashion Over Fifty is all about inspiration.  As most of you already know, I started doing 'Fashion Over Fifty' posts because I was struggling with finding ANYTHING:  a blog, a website, a company, that had fashionable clothing for older women that didn't involve elastic waist bands, or a 'jacket' to cover the love handles.  Well, I really couldn't.  Don't believe me?  Try googling 'Fashion Over Fifty' and see what you come up with.  It's really sad;  the first thing that usually pops up is ads for Blair clothing. And what really cracks me up about Blair, is how all their models are women under thirty.  Really?  You make clothes geared for older women, yet you put pictures of women under the age of thirty in your ads.  Get real.  Anyway, while I was visiting one of my new fashion websites Go Chic or Go Home, I saw some pictures that another user had uploaded and I was star struck!  I have no idea who this lady is.  I emailed the original poster of the images, but I have yet to hear back from her.  She's probably some famous model or fashion designer, but I hope not.  I hope she is just a regular person, just like me.  This woman is over 70, and look how beautiful she is.  I mean, if I was walking in a shopping mall and I saw this woman, I would turn around for a second look.  She radiates pure beauty and style, and somehow, she is able to wear current trends with a 'normal body shape/weight', at her age, without looking silly or like she is 'trying too hard' to look young.  How does she do it?  If anyone recognizes this woman,  or perhaps she might see this post herself, I really would love to get in touch with her.  

In the first picture, I just love her trendy leopard print skirt and JEAN JACKET!  To think, I was afraid what people would think if I wore a jean jacket at age fifty!  She's definitely not afraid of what other people would think.  And, I've always been afraid of leopard prints, I don't know why.  Probably from seeing too many older ladies wearing bold animal prints all over their bodies and looking ridiculous.  The most I've ever had the courage to wear in an animal print is by wearing a pair of leopard flats, a belt, or carrying a clutch.  But I'm in love with this outfit.  By keeping the print in only one area:  the skirt (not wearing it from head to toe) and balancing the boldness of it with a white shirt and jean jacket, it is absolutely PERFECT.  I love how she added a belt to her waist line to accentuate her waist and that she is wearing comfortable, yet still stylish shoes.
 And here she is wearing a leather jacket.  Would you believe I was just in Express the other day trying on a leather jacket (which are all the rage this fall if you didn't already know) and even though I loved the jacket, I didn't buy it because I thought it just wasn't me and I was too old for it.  I kept picturing all the older Harley Davidson motorcycles chicks that ride through my country town and how silly I think they always look with their tats and leather jackets, and I didn't want to come across that way.  But with  her animal print scarf, her clutch, and fashionable jewelry and hair style, she looks beautiful in this jacket, and she has caused me to reconsider purchasing that jacket at Express.
 Here is a photo of her in another animal print shirt.  I love how she simplified the look by wearing a dark solid color on her bottom half, to keep the boldness of the top under control.  I also love the cut out out in the is a little sexy (wow!  we can still be considered sexy over 50!),  without being immodest or too revealing.  And don't you just love her make up?  I could really use some make up tips from this fashionista!
 I love the jacket and shoes in this picture.  And again, she is wearing animal print in the shirt, but she always keeps it in balance.
 And finally, a stylish outfit where she is wearing the much feared 'white pants'.  I personally love white pants because they are so versatile so I wear them quite often.  But I know most women are afraid of them because they carry most of their weight in their bottoms and think that white pants highlight that extra weight.  My extra weight has always been carried in my top half, and I've always been very small in my bottom half, so white pants always look good on me.  But this lady, is curvier and slightly larger in her bottom half than I am, and look how amazing she looks!  Again, I think she balances her outfit well with a black blazer which covers her bottom a bit, and yet still has a touch of white in the top to tie the entire outfit together.
So whoever you are, beautiful, stylish lady, THANK YOU for being an inspiration to me.  Thank you for not wearing 'grandma clothes' with elastic waistlines and over sized jackets.  Thank you for still taking the time to put on make up and jewelry and style your hair.  Thank you for not starving yourself to death to appear grossly thin, but have a normal, healthy body weight and beautiful curves, like normal women do.  And most of all,  thank you for wearing stylish shoes and clothes that are COMFORTABLE and PRACTICAL for everyday living.  Your photos have really inspired me and I hope I have inspired other women 'over fifty' by re- posting these photos.

Have a great day! Amy

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