Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Memories

Hello!  I know I'm late in my Christmas Post in comparison to all of you, but we just celebrated Christmas on Saturday because I had to work and the kids couldn't get home till after Christmas.  Here are some pics and some stories behind them.

First off, my old husband.  He spends a lot of time doing this now:  He use to be such a hard working man, now all he wants to do is sleep, read his bible, and watch religious programing.  Can you believe he's two years YOUNGER than me? 

 I had to post this picture of a gift my son gave me.  It was a 'Christmas Memory' we will always remember.  I had just completed making Christmas Dinner:  'Prime Rib, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Rolls, etc.'. I prepared the meal all myself, set a beautiful table using our best dishes, and I put ONE bottle of sparkling juice on the table.  And all the time I was doing this, my husband was doing what is pictured above.  Then I called everyone in to dinner, and he walks in and says 'What?  Only one bottle of juice?  Why do you always do this?'.  Well, you can only imagine what happened next, so I will spare you.  After that little scene,  I went in and sat down by the fire and sulked and said 'I'm really not in the mood to celebrate Christmas anymore' and then my sweet boy snuck upstairs and came down with five presents and told us all to open them.  I said I didn't want to open presents now, we'll open them later.  He insisted we open them now.  So I did.  And in each bag was a bottle of sparkling juice and my favorite Lindor chocolates.  He said 'Dad always said we should each have our own bottle' (because in previous years dad and Jordan would drink most of the juice, leaving Ashley and I little).  Well, after that, the mood greatly changed, we all laughed and no one could be upset anymore, and we all agreed and said that 'Jordan saved Christmas'.  Here's a picture of Jordan's gift:
 Don't you just love his 'post it note' gift tag?  LOL! 
 I do want you to know that I share this story with you not to bad-mouth my husband, but because so often this time of year we always see the smiling, happy faces and we forget that some Christmas's aren't wonderful because people are human and make mistakes.  Our Christmas had some special memories, but also some hurts, but that's what love, forgiveness, and families are all about.

Now onto some 'happy photos' and fun memories.  Here is me smiling and holding Jordan's gift in our dining room.
 This is our tree in the family room.  Unlike Jordan's post it note gift tag, Ashley was the opposite and spent the entire day beautifully wrapping gifts and making special tags.  What a difference a boy and girl are.
 This is my son in law Jason displaying some socks he received.
 Here's the boy who saved Christmas displaying a Christmas sweater.
 Jordan's favorite gift from me was a pair of grey striped pants.
 One of Ashley and Jason's beautifully wrapped presents to me.  I just loved the glittered reindeer on the bag.
 My gift to my husband.  He is obsessed with bible prophecy so I bought him a couple of books on the topics.
 One thing I have done for my kids each year of their lives is to give them a tree ornament.  My daughter is a professional singer, and when she was younger she played 'Dorothy' in 'The Wizard of Oz'.  I found four Wizard of Oz ornaments:  Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion that are made of wood and move.  They are so cute and creative.

 I bought this pencil skirt for Ashley and although she loved it, it didn't look right on her full figured bottom, so I tried it on and my bottom half is built straight and narrow, so it looked great on me so I kept it and have since bought her something else. 
 Jordan examining his chocolate Santa.
 I bought each person a Lindor Chocolate Shape, and I gave this sweet Teddy Bear to my husband who did this to it immediately:
And finally here is me wearing a beautiful scarf that Ashley and Jason bought me.  It is extra special because it is part of a Christian Ministry where people from third world countries make/produce things and then they sell them in America to help support them.  The scarf is so soft and luxurious and I especially love it because it has so much meaning behind it.
Now your probably wondering what my husband gave me for Christmas.  A neck pillow as a practical joke, a security safe so that I can pull my money out of the bank and keep it locked up since he thinks the world economy will crumble soon, and some knives for our kitchen.  Yes ladies, he is in the doghouse, and it may be a long, long time before I let him back in.  What did I say earlier in my post about love and forgiveness?  Hmmmm, maybe, eventually.  But not quite yet.  We'll let him suffer awhile.  Isn't it called Penitence? LOL!

Have a great day! Amy


  1. Amy, thank you for sharing this photos with us ! So nice to read you, and funny (love the tag of your husband :-)))
    I wish you a happy new year, joy, health, happiness, and love for you and your lovely family !

  2. Oh my goodness, Amy - what a fun post! Mine stays in the doghouse a lot, too :) Great photos, and so happy that Jordan saved the day :) Blessings to you....Happy New Year!

  3. Loved the tale of your Christmas, aren't families just the best, with all the little ups and downs and the in betweens. Through it all the unit sticks together and lovely memories are made! I'm sure this one is a keeper that your kids will reminisce and laugh about! I always tell my son, you have not lived unless you have stories to tell!

  4. I love your story about the juice! It's just like our children to do something so wonderful in a time of stress and frustration. It's amazing how God uses them to bless our hearts!

  5. Oh I have to laugh at your last lines...I think it is funny that your husband gave you a security husband bought one of those security safes but that was before Christmas. The knives are nice, though. Thanks for sharing your Christmas memories. Every Christmas is like that...and it was good to be so honest and realize that is what families do, and that is what memories are made of Thank God for our families!


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