Monday, January 2, 2012


Hello! Since it's the start of a New Year, I decided to spend some time scrolling through all the blog posts I've made this past year. It brought back a lot of memories: all the design teams I've worked with this past year, and the friends I've made because of them, all the images I've used, probably only once, and have since forgotten about, and even the reasons or occasions of why I made the card in the first place and who I gave them to. It's amazing how much you forget. I suppose that's one reason why we all need to reflect on the past year on New Year's Eve, and look forward to the future. I decided to pick twelve cards that I made this past year (one card for every month of the year) that I really liked. I couldn't believe how hard it was to narrow it down to just 12! There are just so many images I used that I really liked and enjoyed working with. Here they are:

I love this card because of the sketch and the lemon designer paper. The colors are so pretty together and I like the acrylic flower with the felt flower. I really love this card because of the colors/designer paper and the Christmas Message. It's so hard for me to make religious Christmas Cards. I don't know why. But I felt this card really worked.

I love the clean simplicity of this card, the doodled frame, and the colors.

The colors and the coloring of this card is really pretty. I love the snow accents too.

It's so hard to make 'cool cards' for teens, especially teen boys. I think this one would be a hit with just about any teen.

I just love how this one is so clean and simple, yet has so much interesting details at the same time. Great colors too! And I really love the dimension with this image.

I love all things Pure Innocence! It's impossible to make a bad card with one of these images. I love the unique color combination of this one, and the fluff on the hat.

I just like this one cause it's so different. And I actually used my Cricut Expression to make it. Most of the time that $200 + dollar machine just sits and gathers dust. I'm just not a die cut girl!

I love coffee images, and this color combination the sentiment is great too!

This is a project my daughter and I did together as a Christmas Gift for the man in the photograph. I love the frame in the picture, but most of all, I just love the photograph. It's so hard to capture that perfect picture of someone: to grasp their personality in a single shot. Most pictures, especially professional ones, just aren't realistic. They are usually pictures of what people wished they really looked like or who they really wished they were, and not who they really are.

I love the colors in this card, the image, and how I popped the image up against the designer paper.

My last card I just really like the sketch, the colors, the hemp trim, the glazed apples. There's so many pretty little details in this card, yet, it is so simple.

I hope you enjoyed my year in review. I look forward to another great year of blogging with you!

Happy New Year! Amy


  1. loved all the cards in review, and recognised a few :-).
    Blessings to you and yours for the year ahead.

  2. what an inspired year you have had! loved seeing your year in review!

  3. What a wonderful array of beautiful cards!

  4. Amy your cards are absolutely stunning. Love them all, you have a great eye for just the prefect details. Thanks so much for sharing your top 12!!

  5. Amy, these are all knockouts! Love the variety -- All are beautiful colored and executed.

  6. love your designs, Amy! fabulous work. thanks for sharing! =)


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