Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Crafty Secrets Thank You

First of all, to all who were worried about me driving in the snow yesterday, I did not go into work. It was the first time I missed a shift in the 8 months that I worked at the store, and I felt terrible about it. When we still weren't plowed out by 11:00 a.m., I thought, 'you know, rather than worrying about whether or not I should drive , I should just call and ask if they even need me today'. It turned out they only had one customer all day and they really didn't even need me, and were probably relieved I called in so they wouldn't have to pay me. Then about an hour after I called in, my road was plowed (by my neighbor, not the county! LOL) and I would have been able to go to work. Oh well, now I know next time don't panic too soon. Its just a guessing game trying to figure out how long to wait to call. I don't ever want to wait too long in case I have to find someone to take my shift. But I did enjoy staying home warm and cozy in my house. I made Christmas Cookies, watched a Jim Carey movie with my son, and made a couple of cards. Now today I work again, and I'm not looking forward to going out there! Not because of snow this time, but BITTER COLD. I asked my husband last night "So, are you ready to move South yet?" LOL! He is such a die-hard Wisconsinite, that he would never want to leave, but after 4 hours of shoveling snow in bitter cold temperatures he said he was thinking about it. LOL!

Anyway, onto my card for today. This card was actually made a few weeks ago for the Crafty Secrets Paper Craft Planet Challenge. Since it was the month of November, and Thanksgiving was approaching, Darlene challenged us to make a Thank You or Thanksgiving Card. Well, I had already made all my Thanksgiving Cards, so I decided to make a Thank You Card. I used the 'Bouquet of Joy' image as my main focal point and colored it with Prisma Colored Pencils and Gamosol. The paper is Basic Grey 'Lemonade'. The lower portion is embossed with a Cuttlebug Folder. Have a wonderful day, and I hope your staying warm wherever you are! Amy


  1. Oh my gosh girl ... I can't even imagine how cold & snowy it is at your house!!! It very cold and WINDY here in NE Ohio but no snow (thank goodness)! I'm afraid we're going to have a very bad winter this year!
    I'm glad you got to enjoy the day doing some "homey" things you enjoy doing! Are you decorating like you usually do or is there no time due to your work schedule???
    Thinking of you often these days ... my daughter & I are planning on coming to see you one of these days ... she (& I) would really like to meet IRL! Something to look forward to!!! Stay warm & safe!!

  2. Beautiful! LOVE the soft shades of pink and those flower accents!

  3. I'm glad you chose not to go out in the bad weather to try to get to work. When you mentioned in your previous post about calling someone else in, I thought, "gee, if the weather is that bad, there won't be any customers so they don't need workers". Glad it worked out ok for you. Personally, since I have been through this predicament myself and almost had an accident, I decided that no job is worth risking my life for and I simply won't go in. My current boss is pretty good about that and when I call to say "the weather is too awful to try to come in today" he says "I wouldn't expect you to".

  4. Oops... I forgot to mention the card in my post. It's really lovely and vintage-y and spring-y.


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