Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sprinkled with Fun!

Does anyone want an Eighteen Year Old son? Right now, I don't know whether to hug him or kill him when and IF he walks through the door. He left for church worship practise at 9:00 a.m. and never came home. I managed to find out by making some calls that he was at a friends house at 1:00p.m., but no one has seen him since. Today is his Eighteenth birthday, and I'm worried he is up to no good in honor of that day. I made a cake for him yesterday, and it is still sitting there untouched, because he hasn't been home to eat it. He did come home last night, but he wasn't hungry for cake, so we just rented a movie on Pay-Per-View. I'm just so furious he would disappear without telling us where he was going and causing us to worry like this. The fact that he didn't tell us, tells me he is doing something he shouldn't be doing, or he would have told us what he was doing. Get it? UGH! Sometimes, I just hate being a parent. I hate always having to worry and worry about my kids, and no matter old they get, the worrying never ends,,, the worries just get bigger and bigger. So if you can say a little prayer right now, that I will 'hear' from my son and know where he is, please do. I'd love to be able to stop worrying.

Anyway, onto my card for today. I made this card for the Featured Stamper Challenge on Splitcoaststampers. I just loved the fun, bright colors and the row of brads on the original card. JoJot had such an amazing gallery. I just loved perusing through all her cards. To make my card, I changed the image. I used a digital image by Dustin Pike called 'Party Elephant'. I stamped my own cupcake designer paper by using a cupcake image by Hero Arts and coloring the images in and adding Stickles. There are also Stickles on the cupcake the elephant is holding and the candle. I did faux-piercing by making dots with a black marker. I added a pom pom to the elephants party hat.
I hope you all have a much more stress-free evening than I will. God bless. Amy


  1. Your card creation is so adorable!! Love the little puff ball on the top of the hat!!

    I've already said a prayer and will say another before going to bed tonight!! 18 or not ... he shouldn't make you worry like that ... I'm furious right with you!! My daughter will be 40 next week and I still worry when things aren't quite right at her house. Once a Mom ... always a Mom!!

  2. Oh the joys of being a parent! We can't tell them enough times to just pick up the phone and let us know where they are! They have no idea how "gut wretching" it is to just "not" know that they are okay and safe and making the right choices. I hear you sister, we just to have faith that they will make those right choices! Your card is very bright and cheerful in spite of evertyhing,....... ;o) Tracy,.....I'll say one for you too!

  3. How cute is the card, just love the image and the ball on the hat! Liz x

  4. Hi Amy, I do hope and pray that you have heard from your son by now. I can totally understand your worry, even though my kids are still little right now and hope they don't grow up too fast.

    Your card is gorgeous, love that cute image and the sketch.

    By the way there is an award waiting for you on my blog.

  5. I don't think we ever stop worrying. I was thinking this morning that when my kids are grown I will probably worry about their kids too. Anyway, your card is super cute.

  6. first off, the card is adorable :0)

    second as the mother of 5, 3 being teenagers and one in their early 20' never stop are just so self absorbed we're not even on their radar...hope all went well :0)

  7. AWWW Amy this is one adorable ellie! What an adorable card!

  8. The card is simply adorable!!!
    I haven't seen your SCS gallery in a while and didn't know you had a blog - it's great. Thanks for sharing your creations.

  9. Love your bright and fun birthday card. Great colors.

    It's nice that you care enough to want to know where your son is. When I was that age, my mother was so wrapped up in her boyfriend that I could stay out all night (and often did) and she wouldn't have even noticed. Your son should be greatful to have a mom like you.


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