Thursday, October 19, 2023

“Happy Birthday Marsha!” with Ageless Style

Ageless Style is a monthly style challenge and link up for women of all ages.   Each month we pick a different theme and style an outfit based on that theme.  This month's theme is "What to Wear to a Birthday Party" and was picked by Marsha!

This month, our challenge theme is "What to Wear to a Birthday Party" in honor of our fellow member's birthday this month:  Marsha!  Happy Birthday Martha!

To celebrate Marsha's birthday I wore a new-to-me fall dress, because Marsha is a dress-kinda-gal!

I've been trying to shop at more boutiques lately because I want to both support small businesses and support businesses that have the same values as me.  After all, why give my hard working dollars to companies that promote agendas I disagree with?  Both the dress and the cardigan were purchased from businesses that I agree with.  

I purchased the dress last year from Mustard Boutique.  They had an amazing end-of-year sale where all their dresses were priced $25.00.  I had to buy it on-line without even trying in on and knowing it was non-refundable.  But I know my body well enough to know what styles look good on me, and I'm basically a size Medium in everything, so it all worked out just fine.  I never got a chance to wear it until now, because it was too cold to wear it in the winter and too warm to wear in the summer because of the long sleeves.  Yet, it is the PERFECT fall dress for the sleeve weight and fabric is just right for fall weather, and the neutral print and style scream "fall".

My cardigan is from another small company called Carly Jean Los Angeles.  The style is the trendy, new cropped cardigan that sits right at your waist.  This style is hot, hot, hot right now!  If you buy only one new clothing item this fall, I would suggest a cropped cardigan.

I was so hesitant to try this new cardigan style because I didn't think it would do my body style any favors, but once I tried it on, I really like it and favor it over the more longer length cardigan.

Felt hats have been around for awhile, but they also seem really hot this fall season, so if you're up to buying two new trendy items this year, I would add a felt hat to your list.  I have two:  this one in dark brown and a black one, but I'd love to get a tan one too!  

I completed my birthday outfit with a brown handbag and neutral booties.

And in case you're wondering what the dress looks like underneath the cardigan, I braved the cold for a few minutes for this photo!

And the one below was taken indoors, where it is much warmer to be without a cardigan 😀 You can see how the sleeves have an elastic cuff and that they are very loose and flowing.  

Now to be sure to link up  your outfits with us below and stop by and see what all the other ladies in the group are wearing too!  And don't forget to wish Marsha a "Happy Birthday"!

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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  1. I think this is my favorite outfit of yours! Love that dress and style on you so much. I was surprised to see it had beautiful, flowy sleeves so it's perfect on its own or with a cardigan that you purchased. Super cute.

    1. Aww, thanks so much! Yes, I love the sleeves, that's why I thought I'd better include at least one photo that shows the sleeves.

  2. What a beautiful new dress and you styled it so nicely too!

  3. oh what a cute hat and booties, Amy! so fun.

  4. I love the idea of supporting small businesses. I try to do that too because as a previous small business owner, it's a hard thing.
    I love a dress like this and I bet you could even transform it into a winter look with tall boots and a crew neck thick sweater!! It's too gorgeous to stay in the closet,

    1. Yes, I'm shopping small more and more these days. I don't know if I could wear it in our Wisconsin winters, as the fabric is very light.

  5. Amy, you look fabulous in this dress and the cropped cardigan! I love cropped cardigans because they hit me more at my natural waist! I really need to get a hat. I've been looking at a felt cloche style. And, I'm so glad you wore a dress for my birthday!

  6. This is such a pretty fall look! You look so cute in the hat!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  7. I appreciate your interest in supporting small business. This dress was a great find. And the outfit you put together is perfect for this in between season. I need to pull out my hat and try wearing it again. I feel uncomfortable in it but wearing it will help me get more comfortable I hope. You sure look cute in yours.

    1. Thank you. Now that I'm older it's a little easier to do than when I was younger and had more needs and less money. Yes, pull out that hat!

  8. Love the sleeves on the dress, it looks like the perfect dress for a mild fall day, and how nice that you can add a cardigan on a chilly day too. I used to wear shorter cardigans "back in the day" (still have one for dressier events). But I also still reach for my longer ones now, mainly to wear them in the house when I want to be cozy.

    1. Thank you! Yes, it is perfect for mild fall weather.

  9. You look very pretty. Great outfit.

  10. Darling look, and extra fun to celebrate a friend's birthday with your style. Thank you for sharing this post at the Will Blog for Comments #12 linkup. Hope to see you there next week, too!

  11. It's super, good to have you at my page.

  12. Amy, your outfit is so pretty! And the cardigan looks great on you.
    Visiting today from SSPS 284 #37

  13. What a cute idea for a theme! That's a lovely dress on you, I'm very glad you have been able to wear it now the weather is cooler for you :)

    Thanks for joining the weekday wear link up :)

  14. So pretty Amy! I love the neutrals with that rich bag! I agree, if you fin a great local boutique its a great place to shop


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