Tuesday, April 4, 2023

How To Update An Old Grapevine Wreath and My Finished Winter Quilt Project

                     From this:                                                    To This:

Keeping in character with my "worst blogger in the world" persona, I did a home improvement/craft project forgetting once again to take any "before" or "during" photos, or a video.  I just started working on this wreath, and when I was done I thought "Shoot!  I should have documented everything for my blog".  So, once again I'll just have to explain my process, and hopefully you'll understand.  It really wasn't that complicated.

So, if you look at the first photo in the upper left hand corner that was an old grapevine wreath that I had hanging on my wall since the nineties.  That area is the perfect spot to hang a wreath, so I wanted to keep it, but the wreath itself became very outdated and quite frankly it was starting to fall apart.  Originally, my house had a "Tuscan" style, now I would describe it as "Modern Farmhouse" although I do not go overboard on the farmhouse stuff.  Because my house had a "Tuscan" style before, the wreath was also decorated in that style:  large clusters of grapes, jewel tones, and a very outdated yellow chiffon ribbon.  I needed a new wreath that represented the "Modern Farmhouse" trend.  So what did I do?  Well, I went to Pinterest of course and typed in "Modern Farmhouse Grapevine Wreath" and found lots of great examples.  I ended up choosing THIS ONE to replicate.

I was able to find everything in the Pinterest wreath at Hobby Lobby, and some items I already had in my stash.  But I didn't like everything about the original wreath, so I left out the crazy grapevine twig that spreads out in every direction.  I also left out the asparagus fern looking stuff.  I tried it in my wreath, but I didn't like it, so I added a cream Astilbe stem instead.

Even though I bought everything at half off and used some supplies I already had, I still thought it was quite pricey.  Artificial flowers have always been expensive, but they have really gone up a lot too.  The whole wreath ended up costing me $46.42 to update.  I suppose that really isn't too bad since the Pinterest inspiration wreath is $205.00😃

Making the wreath was super simple, except for the part where I ended up removing a layer of skin because I got hot glue on my arm 😆.  All I did was take everything off the old wreath, leaving just the plain grapevine wreath.   Then  I layered all around the wreath starting with the dried eucalyptus,  then the "Silver Dollar" eucalyptus,  cream Astilbe stems, and finishing with the Mini Olive Leaf Bundle.  I mostly just "stuck" everything in place, but sometimes I would hot glue it in place or use green wire to get it to stay exactly where I wanted it.

I didn't want a "one direction" wreath, so when sticking the floral pieces through the grapevine, I went upwards on each side and at the very top and bottom wreath went horizontal.  You can do whatever you want, whatever pleases your eye.  Oh, and I should mention that everything I purchased was a bush, so I had to use wire cutters to cut them into stems.  And that's it! Easy Peasy!  I have a new, updated wreath!

Finally, I wanted to share my FINISHED QUILT! (I originally shared my progress of this quilt in THIS POST).   Yay!  I can't believe how many years it took me to finish this quilt.  It was really the topstitching that took forever, but it is done, and I'm quite proud.  

Now that I'm done, I will take a break from quilting for the summer as I have too much gardening to do, but next winter I hope to finish a Log Cabin quilt I started but never finished.  That one is a beauty!

This is a very small quilt, probably the size of a large baby blanket.  I had no idea what to do with it (which is probably why I never finished it for so long) and finally found the perfect spot for it at the foot of my "Master Bedroom Suite".

Apparently Jackson thought it was the perfect spot for my quilt too as I caught him sleeping on it the other day.  I almost died though when I saw his claws accidentally go into the quilt!  Yikes! Someday I hope to have enough quilts to just display them in a cabinet.  I really LOVE this idea HERE!  I also love the ladders they display blankets on, but I don't have the wall space for one.

 Oh, and if you're wondering about my kitchen remodel, it is almost done and looking gorgeous!  I'm just still waiting on hubby to put in that counter top, which he says he will do first thing after Easter, so stay tuned!

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Wow! Its's looks really wonderful! :)

  2. OMG Amy, I just LOVE that photo of Jackson. He surely claimed the quilt as his own!!
    The quilt is beautiful, I can imagine how much time and work went into it. Love the bird theme on on it!
    And gorgeous newly decorated wreath too! I love eucalyptus leaves!

  3. Oh I do this ALL the time so annoying. These wreaths came out super nice but egads the incident with the glue gun did not sound fun. You made this quilt? WOW. Super impressive. Your kitty is so cute and makes me miss my cats...

    Allie of

    1. Ha ha! I'm glad I'm not alone in my blogging mishaps. Thanks so much.

  4. Love the wreath and YAY for finishing the quilt, it is so pretty! Thanks so much for linking up at #IMadeItMondayLinkParty 7. Shared.

  5. CONGRATS Amy! Your post is FEATURED at #IMadeItMondayLinkParty 8.

  6. You are so crafty! I really like the wreath - not only does eucalyptus smell amazing all the different types of leaves they have are so pretty too! :)

  7. The wreath is so lovely for that place on the upper part of your wall. I always like to save time, effort, and $$ on craft and decor items -- like you did with this wreath, coming in under $50 for a large wreath! And the quilt is so pretty! Obviously, your feline friend agrees. Thank you for sharing this post in the Talent-Sharing Tuesdays Link-Up 59.

  8. I always seem to forget to take before (or even "during" photos!). The wreath looks lovely as does your quilt.

  9. Kitty Approved - Very Creative My Dear - Enjoy The Weekend With The Family


  10. Your wreath looks great! We bought a house with a new kitchen last year, but I can't stand the dark cabinets. I can't wait to update them with white paint. Can't wait to see your remodel!

    1. Thank you. I just took photos of the kitchen yesterday and I should be able to post the in two weeks. That's a shame that someone put in a new kitchen with dark cabinets and you don't like them. But I've always preferred a white kitchen myself too.

  11. Oh my Amy. These are beautiful! You do lovely work for sure.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with Sweet Tea & Friends this month sweet friend.

  12. Amy, your projects are beautiful - but boy did I feel your pain (cat claws in the quilt!) Congrats for being one of my Featured Friends at the June Friendship Friday Party at Create With Joy!

  13. Oh what a beautiful quilt. I'm sure this was a real labor of love.


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