Saturday, December 27, 2014

Let's Party - Redo!

Hello!  Did you all have a nice Christmas?  Even being sick, I still had a very nice Christmas.  All my kids came home (even though I told them not to since I was sick) and we had a very nice time.  I don't have any pictures to share because I really wasn't feeling well and it took all my energy to still cook a prime rib dinner and set a nice table that I couldn't possibly add photography to the list.  If your wondering how I did it, I simply took a lot of 'sofa breaks',  and it really isn't that difficult to cook a roast once it's in the oven.  The worst part of it was not 'looking' or 'feeling' Christmasy.  Dressing pretty and wearing festive clothing is part of Christmas to me, and well, lets just say I looked like a truck ran over me so that's another reason why cameras were forbidden this year.

But despite outward appearances, the spirit of Christmas was definitely there.  I love having adult children that we can share great conversations with, laugh, and play games.  It is wonderful.  I absolutely love my little family.  After dinner, we read the bible story and then opened presents.  The kids graced my childlike hubby with some fun gag gifts just for him:  a whoopee cushion and a fart making toy.  He liked that.  Then Ashley and Jason gave Jordan (my percussionist) a triangle from the dollar store.  It was meant to be a gag gift, but it made a quite a pleasant sound and he thinks he can actually use it in a recording.  If your wondering what my favorite gifts were, well other than a silver ring from my husband which I showed you earlier this year, my daughter bought me to more Michael Kors shirts (my designer collection is growing!) and my son gave me the most beautiful, soft, leopard blanket.  I was so spoiled this year!

Well since I have no holiday pictures to share with you today, how about a festive card.  This card was actually re done.  Do you remember THIS CARD?  As cute as the original card was, I had let it sit for weeks before I went to use it and it had warped!  I was so upset!  Rather than throw the card away I decided to rip it apart and see if I could salvage some of the pieces and this is what I came up with:

When I ripped the vellum off the main panel I ruined it and then had to cover it up.  So I took some festive paper scraps and cut them on an angle and adhered them to the damaged spots.  If you look closely, you can still see some damage spots on the edges of the main panel, but they were so minor I decided to let those be.  I then added a K & Co sticker for the sentiment and my ruined card was fixed! The only waste was the vellum and dots, everything was re-used and re- purposed.

So what about you? Have you ever had to re-do a project before?   Did you have a nice holiday?  I'd love to hear from you!

Have a great day!  Amy


  1. Happy to hear you had a good Christmas. I did too, although my husband had to work until 3 on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. But it was lots of fun spending the day with the kids, and then visit their grandparents later in the day.
    Sorry your first card got ruined, but you did an excellent job saving part of it!

  2. Hope you are feeling all better. I love the card you made from an old card. Fun colors and papers.

  3. It sounds like you have such a sweet and fun family, Amy! I'm happy for you that your kids ignored you and came home and that you were well enough to enjoy it!

    I love your upcycled card! And, oh, yes, I've had to do that with many of my cards. Once they've been overlooked in my stash box for a year, they are torn apart and remade! Happy New Year! Hugs, Darnell

  4. Oh hope you're better !
    This card is superb, so fun !

  5. Hope you're feeling better now!! Love the line of presents! :)


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