Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Summer's Last Hurrah!

I know for many people fall is their favorite season of the year.  For me, it is one of the most depressing times of the year.  I always look at fall as such a sad time.  It first and foremost is a reminder of the horrible, long winter season that lies ahead.  But it is also a reminder of decay and death for me.  Yes, there is that short sweet bloom where everything is bright and pretty, but then it quickly starts to wither, dry up, and fall away to nothing but bleakness and cold.  The beautiful color is just so brief, and the ugly, cold drab lasts forever.  I just hate it.  I hate fall second only to winter.  Fall reminds me also of the upper middle ages of human life.  The life stage I'm in now;  where I'm just started to wither and show my age, but I have a little beauty left.  But that 'brief beauty' only lasts a short time, and soon I will be very old, start to decay, wrinkle, deteriorate, and die.  Boy, this is a positive post, isn't it?  LOL!  Just goes to show you how much I hate fall and winter and dread it coming every year.

But the end of the summer does have it's moments of beauty, no matter how brief.  Remember this post where I talked all about my garden of weeds?  Well, my weeds had the last laugh because this is how they look now:
 All these pictures were taken from the second floor roof of my house looking down into my garden.  I asked my twenty three year old son to take the pictures for me since I am terrified of heights, but being the moody artistic type that he is, he wasn't in the mood.  So I had to take my crumbling fifty one year old body through the window, climb up on the roof,  and do it myself.  The lighting that day was just perfect, so I couldn't wait for another day when the moody boy was 'in the mood' to take pictures.  LOL!  You have no idea what it has been like to live in a house with three creative, artistic personalities for twenty six years.  My poor husband!  He's the only one of the four of us with an analytical brain.
 All the yellow flowers are 'weeds'.  I did actually plant it though.  It's called Golden Rod, and if you have allergies, you don't want to come anywhere near my house right now because this weedy flower is horrible for allergies.  I only planted one plant and it reseeded into this.  The purple flowers you see are phlox, which also reseeded everywhere, and there are a few splashes of Black Eyed Susans in there too.  The white flowers are either hydrangea bushes, or weeds.
 My yard is an absolute jungle right now, completely over grown and out of control.  It is hard to get a concept of the scale of the plants in these  photographs because they are aeriel shots, but all the goldenrod is over four feet tall.  The white bushes are probably over five or six feet tall and twelve feet wide or more.  The more muted purple flower (Joe Pye Weed) you see in the distance is about eight feet tall.  If you look at the trees, and then compare where the height of the plant is to the tree, that helps you get an idea of the size and height of the plant:  HUGE!

 It really is quite a breath taking sight.  It is the view from my living room window that I see everyday.  My last hurrah to summer.  A summer that is always too short;  always over so quickly.  Why is it that winter never seems to end and summer is over at the blink of any eye?  You never hear anyone say 'I can't wait for winter!' or 'Geez, winter was over so fast!'.  But you sure hear everyone say "I can't wait for spring!" or "I can't believe how fast the summer went!"

So goodbye summer, my second favorite season of the year.  I will miss your color and your warmth.  I will miss your life of animals, flowers, and butterflies.  I will miss being able to step outside in the dark of night and feel the hug of your warm air.  I will miss all the happiness you bring to others as they are outside enjoying life instead of huddled in their homes,  isolated from others trying to keep warm.  And most of all, I will miss hearing the joyful music of all your birds and hear nothing but dead silence for months on end till the first song bird arrives back in spring.   And to winter:  BLEH!  Just stay away!

Now, try to have a good day!  LOL!  Amy


  1. Your photos are absolutely beautiful and the flowers look amazing!

    I'm so sorry you feel as you do about Fall! It's actually my fave time of year! :) Yes...the gorgeous coloring of Fall only lasts for mere minutes, but all the more reason to go out and capture it while you can! It's all preparation for the gorgeous warmth of Spring to welcome us and is necessary for growth even though cold follows. I find some beauty in every season. I love them all really. Many people feel as you do and I hope people can pick out the things about each season they love...some of us are really blessed to be able to experience them all at each extreme.


  2. Such gorgeous photos Amy, I love the different colors of the flowers or weeds with the pretty trees all around. While I do love the beauty of Fall and Fall activities, it is also a time that makes me realize every year just how fast time flies. That said, I love that we get to experience all 4 seasons here :-) But then the first spring flowers (my snowdrops) always make me very happy.


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