Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fashion Over Fifty: Denim Skirts

Hello!  For this week's Fashion Over Fifty post, let's talk about denim skirts.  I have been looking for the perfect denim skirt forever, and even though I settled on this pencil skirt from Old Navy, I'm still looking.  The denim skirts I have found are either too long or too short, or look like something someone from the seventies would have worn.  Denim skirts can be dangerous:  worn the wrong way, one can easily look frumpy or outdated.  I really wanted a denim skirt that I could wear to work on a hot summer day.  But it would have to be comfortable, and easy to work in (I must be able to kneel, bend at the knees, etc.),  and also long enough to be work appropriate.  I never found it.  All I could find was this pencil skirt, which is really cute, but I don't like pencil skirts.  It's not that I don't think it looks good on me;  pencil skirts are actually perfect for my smaller bottom figure.  I just find pencil skirts so uncomfortable.  I don't like how tight they are in the buttocks, and I hate the difficulty of walking up steep steps.  But, I bought it anyway and added it to the multitude of pencil skirts already in my closet that I don't like wearing.  I really like midi skirts that flare a bit at the knee, they are the most comfortable to wear and walk in it, but I find them either hard to find, or they are too big in the waist for me.

 Despite my dislike for pencil skirts, I really liked how this outfit came out.  I wore it with a floral top from The Gap,  and I had a light pink tank top underneath since there is a gap in the shirt.  Because it is fall and thus it is chilly in the mornings until the sun heats up the day, I wore a light pink infinity scarf from Forever 21.
 Because the skirt is a little big around my waist (I tried a smaller size, but then I felt it was too tight in the buttocks…ugh!  pencil skirts!),  I wore a white woven belt around my waist, pulling it tight and then looping the extra.  I did a half tuck with this outfit:  tucking just the front part of the top in and leaving the back un-tucked.
 Don't you just LOVE this beautiful willow tree?  I've always loved willow trees, but when I saw the gorgeous fall color of this tree I had to stop and have my picture taken here!  This is a small lake in our sweet little town.
 I picked up this stone and silver bracelet at a gift shop in Colorado Springs when on vacation.
 My shoes I've shown you many times before (HERE and HERE).  I love wearing sneakers with dresses and skirts.  They are so comfortable and playful.  They are by Dr. Scholl's and I bought them at Famous Footwear last year.
 My shirt I purchased in the spring, and I have worn it several times before and also showed you in previous posts (HERE and HERE).  It turned out to be quite the versatile top, for it's perfect for those in-between seasons where it's too cold for just a tank or too warm for a sweater.
So what about you?  Do you have a perfect denim skirt that you love to wear?  And if you do, where can I find one too?  I'd love to hear from you!

Have a great day!  Amy

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  1. Even if you don't love your skirt it really looks great on you, Amy! I like it paired with this pretty floral blouse and pink scarf. I simply love the willow tree and scenery in your photos - so pretty.

  2. I think I have just about everything denim except for a skirt! But I love the way you styled yours with the pretty printed blouse and blush scarf!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  3. Beautiful photos Amy, and I love the willow tree and beautiful lake in the back. I have a couple of these jeans pencil skirts too, but like you I find them uncomfortable to wear. The outfit does looks fabulous on you though, and the shoes go really well with the denim skirt.

  4. You love quite lovely in the pencil skirt and I love the scarf! Looking good..


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